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Thursday, 25 September 2014

B.C. teacher suspended for prank!


We have a brand new “Asshole of the Day” for ya, folks.
A Langley, B.C., teacher has been suspended over a homophobic prank he played on a Grade 11 student in class last year.
Daniel Mark Ogloff is a metal fabrication and machining teacher at Aldergrove Community Secondary School.
On Sept. 24, 2013, Ogloff wrote “I’m gay” on a piece of masking tape and affixed it to the back of the male student’s jacket.
He allowed other students to take pictures and let the boy leave class unaware of the tape on his back, describing it to officials later as “horseplay.”
Ogloff had earlier received a verbal warning from the school district over comments he made to Grade 7 students and he received another letter over comments to a Grade 12 student in class.
The school district suspended Ogloff from work without pay for 10 weeks last November for acting unprofessionally and disrespectfully. The B.C. Commissioner of Teacher Regulation has now suspended his teaching certificate for two weeks, from Sept. 22 to Oct. 5.
(Apparently he will also be required to wear a piece of masking tape with “I’M STUPID” on his back!)–teacher-suspended-for-slapping–i-m-gay–sticker-on-student-s-back-122153809.html
The latest con game by big business is the debate over “pick and pay” television channels on cable TV.
The concept involves providing a basic TV service and then letting consumers “pick and pay” what channels they want, instead of being obligated to buy “bundles” of channels like they do now!
Needless to say the cable companies are dead set against this, and they give all sorts of reasons why it’s a bad idea …, and won’t work!
This means that in reality “pick and pay” will save the consumer tons of money and the cable guys will see less cash.
The cops are at it again kids.
This time it’s in a small town in New Jersey where they are attempting to get around the provision of needing a “warrant” to enter, and search, someone’s house!
Ya see, cops don’t like any hindrances on being able to do what they want………………., when they want.
You know: “Warrant? We don’t need no stinkin’ warrant!”
So, under the guise of preventing underage drinkers from hurting themselves, they can now just walk in to any house they think harbours an underage drinker!
No questions asked!
Speaking about cops:
The video above shows South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper Sean Groubert, 31, shooting Levar Jones, 35, during a routine traffic stop for a seatbelt violation. Groubert shot at Jones without provocation, striking him in the hip. The trooper was fired on Friday and arrested last night for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.
According to The State, the shooting happened on September 4, and Jones spent time in the hospital but is recovering. The video shows Groubert shooting at Jones at least three times after Jones reaches for his license, which Groubert instructed him to do. He continues to shoot and yells “get on the ground” after Jones puts his hands up. Jones then calls out offscreen, “What did I do, sir?… I can’t feel my leg.”
The South Carolina Department of Public Safety called the video of the stop “disturbing.” If convicted, Groubert faces up to 20 years in prison.
(Now in the interest of fairness, the over anxious cop might have thought the kid was reaching for a gun, but just the same, this act was not only reckless, but criminal!)
This is NOT the way to join the “Mile High Club” boys and girls!
Doug Adams, a passenger on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Logan Airport to LAX, reportedly caused the plane to be diverted to Omaha after he was allegedly caught masturbating on board Monday. Unlike recent incidents involving public masturbation, this seems slightly more reasonable—it’s a long goddamn flight. People get horny over the course of six hours.
I haven’t like Islam ever since Cat Stevens got all fucked up on it, but now he seems to have recovered a bit, and is planning a six week North American tour in December.
One of the stops will be in Toronto!
(Remember that old Cheech and Chong bit: “I used to be all fucked up on drugs! Then I found Jesus ………… now I’m all fucked up on him!”)
OK kids, you have no doubt heard about the big beef Netflix and the CRTC is having, and if ya don’t exactly know what it’s all about ………….., it’s the usual CRTC bureaucracy trying to control everything on the airwaves in Canada!

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