They say that “if you can remember Woodstock, ya weren’t really there” and I can see the validity of this statement.
I was there kids, but I don’t know anymore what was real and what was memorex! (Ya have to be a certain age to even know what that means folks!)
The trouble lay in not only the drugs, but the whole mish-mash of memories and sensations that assaulted us that weekend.
The only thing I know for sure is that it was awful god-damned wet while I was there! (I was one of the long haired hippie kids screaming “NO MORE RAIN!”)
As for the groups themselves ……………, I gotta tell ya bunky, between what I saw there, and what I saw in the multiple showings of the movie “Woodstock” in the following years, I really don’t know anymore which is which.
There are a couple of acts that I swear I saw live, but according to the schedule of the show I couldn’t have seen because I wasn’t there at that time.
Some other acts I don’t remember at all, but apparently I was there ………………………, so go figure that one out.
All I know for sure is that I was really, really wet, and fucked over and fucked up by the time I got back! (I was doing an all night show at a Toronto radio station and that must have been one weird show I did my first day back!)

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