Ladies and Gentlemen, London Hydro and a bunch of other “too big for their britches” companies are about to get sued!
First, I should explain that I certainly don’t like paying my bills ahead of time like some cable companies (and others) insist upon, but if ya get right down to it, I don’t even like paying my regular household bills on time.
I prefer to keep the money in MY pocket for as long as possible. (Which means until they send me a reminder notice.)
There are far too many insurance companies, cable companies, utility companies and phone companies that think they can do whatever they want because they have a monopoly in their area of the market! I’m talking about paying ahead of time, paying exorbitant rates, paying for services the bank used to provide for free a few years ago, and so on, and so on! (Service fees are one of the reasons the big banks each make abut $10 BILLION a year here in Canada, and profits like that are just plain obscene!!!!!)
The latest salvo in their unending cash grab came from London Hydro today with a note that basically said since I hadn’t paid my account in a right orderly manner lately they were going to charge me a 215 dollar “service deposit” on my account to continue getting electricity from them.
Folks, I have been a London Hydro customer for fifteen years now, and we have never had any serious disputes……, but this might be the straw that broke the camels back!
Since I can’t go to “Joe’s Hydro” for my electricity, and I can’t go “off grid” because I’m in a condominium, they seem to think there is nothing I can do except pony up the money and shut up!
I ain’t gonna “pony up the money,” and I ain’t gonna “shut up!”
I think I’ll start a class action lawsuit instead!
imageNow here’s a headline ya don’t see everyday!
“Canadian man caught with 51 live turtles in his pants at U.S. border.”
Folks, I’m not even going to try and explain this one……………, anything I could say probably wouldn’t be as good as what you can imagine anyway!
Hey kids, here’s a bear I can relate to!
This could have been me back in the day!
A nearly 500 pound black bear was left to sleep off what local residents suggested was a fermented apple hangover Thursday night after he went on a rampage through a Port Coquitlam neighbourhood and then passed out in a bramble bush.
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Anybody who watches Big Bang theory will be familiar with “Schrödinger’s cat,” but we now have a “Schrödinger’s Abubakar Shekau” as well!
“Is Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau alive or dead? ………………Yes.”
The heavy mixture of tragedy and farce surrounding Boko Haram extremists and their bloody behavior in northeast Nigeria continued this week, starting with a photo out of Cameroon.
0926-world-oshekau_full_600Authorities there triumphantly released the image of a dead man they said was Abubakar Shekau – Boko Haram’s elusive and shadowy leader. But before ordinary Nigerians or anyone else could make sense of that news, the story suddenly swiveled: The man in the photo wasn’t Mr. Shekau at all, announced Nigerian military officials Wednesday. He was actually one of Shekau’s body doubles – a different Boko Haram commander named Mohammed Bashir.
And the real Shekau? He was already dead, said Nigerian officials, as they have said officially for some years.
If all those plot twists are difficult to follow, it is because Boko Haram has been playing a canny cat-and-mouse game with Nigerian authorities, whose claims to have killed Shekau have never been verified and often come under question.
Whether Shekau is alive or dead does not mean that Boko Haram is not using what may be a rotating cast of “Shekaus” in its public videos, which also makes it difficult for Boko Haram to verify their claim that Shekau lives.
“It’s possible that he was killed as early as 2009 … or he may have survived and just uses doubles to make it more difficult to catch him,” argues Jacob Zenn, an Africa analyst with the Jamestown Foundation who works on Boko Haram. “The latest incident just reveals that the [Nigerian] Security Forces are struggling to grasp the inner workings of Boko Haram, let alone its overall strategy.”
A figure claiming to be “Abubakar Shekau” has long been featured in video messages sent by the group, which has declared northeast Nigeria an Islamic caliphate. Most Shekau videos are rambling and inchoate statements or boasts, or claims of responsibility for recent acts of terror, or taunts at Nigerian authorities or the West, or, more recently, a threat of harm after the abduction of nearly 300 schoolgirls.
Some experts think the videos feature a cast of Shekau doppelgangers.
Whether or not he is actually still alive – former US Ambassador to Nigeria John Campbell thinks he may be – the Shekau persona is a potent weapon for Boko Haram.
“I abducted the girls at a Western education school,” announced a man claiming to be Shekau in a video released by Boko Haram in May, shortly after the girls were taken from the town of Chibok. Flanked by masked militants, the man read from a notebook, a machine gun slung across his chest.
Three Somali pirates killed each other in a fight over the ransom paid to free the German-American journalist who was released this week after two years and eight months of captivity, a police official said Friday.
Well folks, Hollywood movies are about to get a whole lot weirder and realer! [sic]
Hollywood is getting the green light to fly its own drones.
The Federal Aviation Administration is giving approval to six movie and TV production companies to use drones for filming. And the move could pave the way for the unmanned aircraft systems to be used in other commercial ventures.
The FAA will permit the six companies to use remote controlled drones to shoot movies and video for TV shows and commercials.
Here’s something I never knew: Norah Jones is Ravi Shanikar’s daughter!
Norah Jones closed out Conan’s George Harrison Week on Thursday night, and the results were as soulful as expected. The jazz-pop singer – whose father, sitar master Ravi Shankar, was one of Harrison’s mentors and collaborators – delivered a silky version of “Behind That Locked Door,” a country-tinged track from the guitar icon’s 1970 solo triple-LP, All Things Must Pass.

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