O.M.G. kids, we had that alien with three tits in the last post………., now you tell me that this doesn’t look like the most vile, disgusting, give you nightmares and make you throw up in your hat ALIEN that you’ve ever seen!
And yet it’s just a plain ol’ octopus!
(So just imagine what a REAL alien would look like!)
I have some sort of weather service on my desktop and although I live in London, ON. it insists on calling this Pottersburg.
The worst part is that I’ve never even heard of Pottersburg!
Speaking about the weather: This winter “will feel tropical” compared to last year, says Environmental Canada meteorologist Dave Phillips, refuting a prediction by the Old Farmer’s Almanac that “the T-Rex of winters” is ahead.
While it’s only the first day of fall and thoughts of toques and snow tires may still be far off, there’s been much talk of what Canadians can expect over the winter months given last year’s brutal weather.
Last week, the editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicted that Canada is “looking at the T-Rex of winters,” saying it will be “colder” and “snowier” from Calgary to Quebec.
But Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Phillips says winter is going to be “not as brutal and brittle as last year,” and predicts it will feel shorter with warmer days that allow snow that has fallen to melt.
“It may come out to be normal but it will feel tropical compared to what we had last year,” Phillips told Toronto’s all news station CP24 on Tuesday.
Temperatures “will be on the warm side” throughout October and early November, Phillips said. It won’t feel like summer, but it will be warmer compared to the typical temperatures for the time of year.
“People will love this kind of fall,” he said.
Indeed, in central Canada, fall has gotten off to a summer-like start, with temperatures in the low 20s Celsius and sunny skies.
Over the next few months, temperatures will be 5 to 6 degrees above seasonal, Phillips said.
“I think it is going to be nature’s attempt to make up for what we have called a bummer of a summer,” he said. He added that while summer temperatures were cooler than they have felt in recent years, they were “actually very close to normal.”
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/fall-will-make-up-for-bummer-of-a-summer-meteorologist-forecasts-1.2020591#ixzz3EAVvNCS5
imagesY6M93I3XA Quebec woman is being dubbed the world’s sexiest alleged criminal after a photo of her on a boat in a bikini went viral.
Stephanie Beaudoin, 21, is facing a whopping 114 criminal charges, including breaking and entering and possession of stolen property, over a series of break-ins in and around Victoriaville throughout the summer, according to local media reports.
The Surete du Quebec conducted a series of raids on area homes before arresting Beaudoin in early August, the reports said.
One recent local media report included a photo from Facebook of Beaudoin in a black bikini, wearing sunglasses and a backward baseball cap, sitting on a boat under sunny skies.
untitledThe photograph went viral and her story has since been picked up by international media, which has dubbed her the “world’s sexiest alleged criminal” and “hottest alleged thief.” Three days ago, a fan page appeared on Facebook that already has nearly 3,300 “likes.”
Beaudoin’s fans don’t seem to mind that her charge sheet relates to nearly four-dozen alleged break-ins. The series of police raids reportedly turned up jewelry, electronics, cash and even guns.
untitleddfUnder the handful of photos posted to the page are comments from users with invitations to visit their homes, no break-in necessary.
“Will leave the doors open no need to break in lol,” wrote one fan.
“How can a hot chick be a criminal?” marvelled another.
Beaudoin is also alleged to have had three accomplices, ages 13, 15 and 17. The alleged bandits are believed to have accessed homes via back doors or basement windows.
imagesMRN1S545Beaudoin’s newfound fame is similar to that found by a California man following his arrest earlier this year on weapons charges. Jeremy Meeks’ mug shot, which showed off his high cheekbones and crystal clear blue eyes, went viral after it was posted to the Stockton Police Dept.’s Facebook page last June.
Comments included: “I would go to prison for aiding and aBEDding him,” and “What is he guilty of?! First Degree Sexiness?!”
Meeks was offered modelling contracts and was believed to be considering a move to Hollywood.
Meanwhile, Beaudoin is scheduled to make her next court appearance on Nov. 17.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/world-s-hottest-alleged-thief-is-canadian-facing-114-charges-1.2018290#ixzz3EAWyAYJ3

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