Robert McMullen of St. Thomas, and John Temple of Port Stanley brought their boys to Port Stanley to enjoy another beautiful fall day at the beach south of London, Ont. on Sunday September 28, 2014. As is McMullen’s habit they set out to build a fort out of driftwood, from left the boys are Jayden McMullen, 8, Josh Temple, 8, Nicholas Temple, 6 and Liam McMullen, 7. Mike Hensen/The London Free Press/QMI Agency
It was beach weather Sunday in the London area, with the temperature hitting 26 C — just shy of the record high for the date of 28, set in 1946.
The lineups at the Merla-Mae ice cream parlor on Adelaide St. N were so unusually long, some seasonal employees were called back to deal with the rush.
“People usually aren’t into ice cream in September, but not this year — the weather is fantastic,” said employee Jennifer Smith.
In contrast to the often cool and wet summer, Southwestern Ontario basked in warm, dry stuff during the first first week of fall. Better yet, it looks like it will continue a few more days, with a forecast chance of rain Tuesday but temperatures still expected to be above normal for this time of year.
Our luck will run out on the weekend, however, with cool wet weather forecast Saturday and Sunday.
Many farmers will be crossing their fingers, hoping the frost will hold off awhile longer.
Mark Wales, president of the Ontario of Agriculture, said soybeans crops in eastern Ontario and northerly portions of Southwestern Ontario were hit by frost 10 days ago, but crops around London were spared.
“We dodged the bullet. This is the longest stretch of sun we’ve seen all summer,” said Wales.
He said most crops were planted late this year and a hard frost could still cost farmers tens of millions of dollars.
“All it takes is one frosty morning. Then you can have weeks of nice weather, but the damage is done.”
“ISIS Leader Vows Revenge for Airstrikes in Syria!”
The leader of the Nusra Front, one of those terrorist groups in Syria, warned the U.S. and its coalition Sunday that it would “use all possible means” to exact revenge for the airstrikes begun this week — and that it would do so within the Western countries that make up the coalition.
In a 25-minute audio recording, Nusra Front leader Abu Mohammed al-Golani said, “We will use all that we have to defend the people of Syria…from the Crusader alliance. And we will use all possible means to achieve this end.”
(The recording was made as about twenty of the leaders were gathered together in a big circle, which our reporter thought might be for a conference, or strategy session, but in reality they were all just comparing the size of their dicks!)
Hey kids, got another one of those strange headlines for ya: Oklahoma beheading suspect a bit ‘weird!’
I’ll bet ya never thought about THIS before: The Perspective Research Department has concluded that cowbell-clad cows are an iconic part of Swiss culture, but that doesn’t mean the cows are happy about it.
imagesA new study out of Zurich followed 100-plus cows over a three-day period at 25 farms.
Those who wore cowbells—some of which rang, some of which didn’t—ate for shorter amounts of time and even chewed less,
Researchers say it’s unclear which was the chief culprit: the weight of the bells (12 pounds) or the sound (up to 113 decibels).
The decibel level of the bells is the equivalent of a chainsaw; the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund says human exposure to this level of noise for even eight hours a day would negatively and seriously affect health
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Just because you're in politics doesn’t necessarily mean yer smart!
Trudeau wants more Indians to run in the next federal election, which makes about as much sense as the Provincial Tories getting a Muslim to run in this riding during the last election!
He came in last!
This is a predominantly white, upper middle class neighbourhood folks, and why anyone thought a Muslim would win in this riding is nuts.
That’s not prejudice folks, that’s just plain common sense!
It also supports my theory that if a certain culture isn’t acceptable in mainstream society, then there is a public relations problem with that culture.
FOR EXAMPLE: I don’t see any problems around here with a Chinese person running for office! (Except Olivia Chow!)
George Clooney got married on the weekend.
The Perspective Research Department informs us that he will announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate this week!
(ya see, it looks better if he has a wife!)
We looked at the news from Winnipeg this morning, and there were pages of street repairs in the works!
They must be getting ready for winter!
AND FINALLY: We don’t know if this is true or not folks, but the mere fact that there are rumours like this tell ya a lot about this group!
This is a page from “”
Claim: ISIS militants are crushing or stomping babies if their parents refuse to convert to Islam.
I have been seeing pictures purportedly of ISIS members stomping on Babies. This is gathering steam. True or False please? Supposedly because the babies did not convert to Islam. How does a baby convert to anything?
ISIS publicly crushes christian baby?
Origins: On 27 September 2014, a circulating blog post made a horrifying claim about ISIS actions in an unspecified region of the Middle East. According to the post (and accompanying image), ISIS militants were attempting to force parents to convert to Islam. If the (presumably Christian) mothers and fathers refused, the claim stated, members of ISIS “crush” or “stomp” their babies.
The graphic above was posted along with the following text:
They claim to be the religion of peace. They are called the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria”.
Barack Obama claims they aren’t Islamic. (Hey bud, it’s in their name.)
They are Islamic. They are barbarians. They do want to take over the world.
In a three photo slide show, an ISIS cleric kills a baby belonging to a Christian family who refused to convert to Islam. ISIS thugs are spreading across the Middle East and are calling on their affiliates in the United States to begin doing the same. After Friday’s beheading in Oklahoma, Americans need to both be on guard and be angry.
The “religion of peace” has started another Crusade, and most Americans are blissfully unaware.
If there’s ever a time to realize that the enemy is here and they must be defeated, it is now.
Referenced in the claim is an incident that occurred on 26 September 2014 in Moore, Oklahoma. A former employee of Vaughan Foods beheaded one individual and stabbed another, and workers at the company told police the suspect had recently converted to Islam.
The rumor about forced conversions under threat of extreme violence and ISIS is not exclusive to this particular thread. A similar warning has been circulating that ISIS militants are beheading children, particularly in the city of Queragosh.
Rumors of ISIS crushing babies are rampant on social media sites right now, but all lead back to the same unsourced few pages. No credible news reports have emerged from the region regarding babies being stomped by militants, nor have any specifically attributed accounts surfaced to match the above image.
Last updated: 28 September 2014

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