God, if we can quantify God at all, is some sort of vast, unseen, unknowable, omnipresent, omnipotent mind, intelligence, entity, or source of all reality that we shall call Mother Nature for simplicities sake.
Mom is behind everything, and a part of everything, even though she is not part of, but rather outside of, this Universe.
This is where the connection to us comes in! (This is why,when I refer to “Consciousness as the physical manifestation of God within us,” in my book, I mean this in the literal sense!)
We, and every other living thing in this realm, are a way for God to experience this reality ………………, we are the physical conduits! This connection to all living things from the tiniest germ, to animals, humans, and even the cosmos itself, it is all a means for Mother Nature to experience and interact with what we call THE UNIVERSE!
Naturally this experience will be on a very basic level with the lower animals, and then more pronounced as we go up the evolutionary tree! (That’s also why animals are just like us, only dumber ………., they have less of a brain, and therefore less “connection” to Mother Nature, so they obviously operate at a lower awareness level than we do.)
The long and short of it folks, is that you, me, and every other living thing, are all a part of the same God …., experiencing itself!
That’s right; we are the physical anchors for God’s great reality game called “LIFE!”

(It’s either that, or it’s all bullshit, and there is no meaning to anything …………………., but that’s even harder to accept!)

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