News out of Iraq yesterday that coalition forces captured 300 ISIS fighters.
Our question is: Why weren’t they shot on the spot?
Well kids, THIS is why Pit Bulls are banned: Toronto Police shot and killed a pit bull on Saturday just after 4 p.m. when it attacked a shih tzu and held the small dog down with a “locked-jaw grip,” police said.
Police received a call for an “unknown trouble” at a Toronto Community Housing Corp. home at Winchester Street and Rose Avenue in Cabbagetown, where they saw bystanders “screaming and yelling” while trying to pry the pit bull away from the shih tzu.
“The policeman was hitting the dog so hard with his baton that it flung out of his hands but the pit bull would not let go,” said Samantha Thornton, a resident in the area. She said the owner of the shih tzu was in “hysterics.”
According to Ms. Thornton, police shot the dog twice in the leg and when it still didn’t release the shih tzu, they shot it in the head.
“Due to the safety and security of the Shih Tzu, the public, and the other officers involved, the officer made the decision to put down the pit bull,” said Const. Jenniferjit Siduh.
Ms. Thornton said the shih tzu is alive and recovering from the attack.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is also why you can get teenagers to go to war and do all that other stuff that no rational human being with critical thinking skills would EVER attempt.
They’re NUTS.
That’s why!

This is a piece of information that took over 40 years to come into the light!
Remember those guys walking on the moon? (OK, OK, do ya remember seeing film clips about the guys walking on the moon?)
We, (and that includes ME) thought that the best way to get around in the low lunar gravity was to hop all over the place, because that’s what the astronauts did!
Well, it appears that’s WRONG, bunky.
The only reason they “hopped” was because the suits were rather primitive and NOT DESIGNED FOR WALKING.
Of course, now a lot of people are wondering how they got the “astronauts” to bounce around like that on the fake moon “sound stage” when they were really in normal Earth gravity! (And don’t ell me ya didn’t know they were fake ……….., any conspiracy theorist can tell you that!)
This is one of the pictures from the “sound stage’ just before a large rack of lights crashed to the ground behind the fake astronaut!
For the first time, Winnipeg’s Union Sound Hall is hosting a drag show Saturday night – a move to the mainstream that’s a long time coming for the city’s shrinking drag community.
Mama Custworth and DJ J. Jackson are hosting another all-diva dance party at 10 p.m. at The Exchange District venue.
Their DJ duo, House of Gold Diamonds, plays all diva tracks from artists like Whitney Houston and Madonna.
The last diva dance party sold out, but the duo didn’t want to stop there.
“They wanted to go big and better and why not hire a bunch of drag queens?” said Dar Lepine, whose stage name is Breyanna Burlesque.
Burlesque, Tyra Boinks, Satina Loren and Vida Lamour Decosmo will all take the stage for a multi-song and dance number spanning generations of divas from Dolly Parton to Whitney Houston.
Even though Delpine has been doing drag for the past 14 years, he still gets nervous.
“I love being on stage, and I love performing. It’s an adrenaline high more than anything,” said Lepine. “I still get nervous every time I go on stage.”
And it’s not getting easier – Winnipeg’s drag community is in decline.
Lepine started in June 2000.
“It was actually a dare to begin with. A couple of friends had actually dared Vida and I to get in drag for Pride one year and we were like, ‘No, that’s not our thing!’ and then they convinced us and then we did it and we had so much fun and 14 years later we’re still doing it,” said Lepine.
dar-lepine-drag-queen-breyanna-burlesqueThen, the community was about 50 strong. But now, there’s a lot less.
“The drag community is really small [here.] There’s, I would say, maybe 20 queens in the city,” said Lepine. “It’s just that people have moved on, have done different things and no longer want to do it.”
That’s in part due to the fact drag queens can’t make a full-time living performing in Winnipeg.
In Toronto or Vancouver, though, it’s a different story.
“There’s still this stereotype about doing drag especially in Winnipeg,” he said. “It’s almost like a sign of wanting to be a woman or being feminine … but it’s not at all. I’m definitely happy to be a boy. I just love performing. I love having that second persona.”
But Lepine, who has a full-time job as a flight attendant, concedes he wouldn’t want to leave the city.
“I love Winnipeg. I couldn’t [move]” he said. “I don’t think I would want to do this as an everyday job. It’s tough. I don’t know how some of the Ru Paul girls do it day in and day out.”
So for now, Lepine is happy performing every Saturday at Club 200 and getting extra gigs like the one at Union Sound Hall on Saturday.

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