Now here’s a case straight out of “Planet of the Apes,” or perhaps a poster child for the group “people for the ethical treatment of animals!” (PETA)
The case of Tommy the pet chimpanzee goes back to court this week, and a group of judges could decide whether he should be recognized as a “person” under the law.
The organization advocating for Tommy will appeal a 2013 decision that denied the captive ape a writ of ‘habeas corpus’ in New York.
A writ of habeas corpus is intended to protect people from unlawful detention. Last December, the Nonhuman Rights Project asked the State Supreme Court for writ of habeas corpus on behalf of Tommy, a caged chimpanzee in Gloversville, New York. Tommy, the organization argued, was being held against his will in solitary confinement and should be released into a sanctuary that closely mimics a natural environment.
The State Supreme Court rejected the case at the time, but the Nonhuman Rights Project wants that decision reversed. Tomorrow afternoon (Oct. 8), representatives from the organization will appear in front of five judges at the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division, Third Department, in Albany to argue that chimpanzees fit the definition of a “person.”
If they are shut down again, they representatives will take their case to the highest court in New York, the Court of Appeals, said Steven Wise, the founder and president of the Nonhuman Rights Project.
Wise was emphatic that his organization is not seeking human rights for chimpanzees.
“Personhood is the legal word, but it’s not synonymous with human,” Wise told Live Science.
This reminds me of a joke where a woman gets on a plane with her infant son and the passenger next to her is a drunk who looks at the kid and says:
“Lady, that’s the ugliest kid I ever seen in my life!”
The woman is mortified and calls for the stewardess ……….., she complains bitterly about the druniks rude behaviour.
The Stew, not knowing what to do, says: “Please calm down Madame, I will look for another seat for you, and in the meantime, we will get you a cup of tea and a banana for your monkey!
Legendary blues guitarist B.B. King has cancelled the remaining performances of his current tour after falling ill on stage during a performance in Chicago, according to his website.
King, 89, was playing on Friday night at the House of Blues when he felt sick.
“He was immediately evaluated by a doctor and diagnosed with dehydration and suffering from exhaustion, whereby causing the eight remaining shows of his current tour to be canceled,” his website said.
obit-paul-revereB.B. King is still feeling a lot better than Paul Revere, the organist and leader of the Raiders rock band, who has died.
He was 76.
The group launched its career in 1963 with a popular rendition of Richard Berry’s Louie, Louie before releasing its own hits, such as Kicks, Hungry and Good Thing. The band’s biggest smash came in 1971 with Indian Reservation.
Paul Revere and the Raiders served as the house band for the Dick Clark TV show Where the Action Is and made an appearance as themselves in the Batman TV series starring Adam West.
We wanted to give you some Manitoba news this morning, but all twenty articles I had from Winnipeg talked about street closures due to construction!
i guess they’re in a hurry to get ready for next winter!
1398227745828New research suggests the tax office should expand the list of acceptable explanations for procrastinators’ yearly extension requests and late tax filings. Two possibilities: “I was born this way” and “failure to evolve”.
Procrastination, suggests a new study, is an evolved trait that likely served humans well in a time when finding food and water and fending off prey were job one. For man in the state of nature, pondering lofty goals for an indistinct future was sure to result in an early demise.
The inclination to defer unpleasant but necessary tasks appears to coexist intimately with the trait of impulsiveness. After all, before complex societies made a virtue of timely tax preparation, completed homework and avoidance of fattening foods, bold initiative was a good thing. Acting on impulse was more likely to get one fed and spread one’s genetic material than was careful planning and an unwavering dedication to meeting deadlines and looking good at the next reunion.
Not surprisingly, then, psychologists have long noted that impulsive people are highly likely to be procrastinators, and that procrastinators are very likely to be impulsive.
(P.S. I had planned to publish this article during the summer, but you know how it is when you’re on vacation!!!!)
Folks, i don’t know what it is with movie critics, but they must have their head up their ass at times!
I read revues on both “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “The Royal Tannenbaums” and the critic couldn’t say enough good things about both films
Just to make sure it wasn’t just me ……………………………., I watched a bit of both over the weekend…………………………, AGAIN!
I was right kids!
Both of them are the single most AWFUL movies I have ever seen!
That’s right, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is the worst movie ever made, while at the same time “The Royal Tannenbaums” is the worst movie ever made!
That’s how bad they both are!

Brucie Jenner has almost made the transition to whatever it is he wants to be now!

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