Dear Readers:
How does anyone manage to get by in this world if they are NOT computer wizards?
I’m in a quandary and conundrum here that I don’t know how to escape from!
As you no doubt know, “,” (Aside from my own posts under the heading “Allan’s Perspective”) is an aggregator of some of Canada’s best, and most liked blogs from about 500 sources.
We have these posts divided into over 100 subjects to make searching them easier for our readers. (Of which there are now about 150,000 a month!)
WELL: This past week, some stupid Google computer program picked up what it thought was a program policy violation in the “” page and automatically cancelled my entire site. (This means no advertising, and no site statistics)
dancing8Folks, I’m trying to dance to their tune, but what makes this whole thing so maddening is that they won’t tell me WHAT the violation was, or how to fix it! (Remember, this entire site has hundreds of excerpts from other blogs, so that you can link to them if something catches your fancy!)
Not only was the violation done by somebody else …………., I don’t even know who, or what, it is!
Try fixing that!
(If Google doesn’t resolve this whole mess over the weekend, I will just use somebody else starting on Tuesday!)

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