Folks, I don’t know if it’s just me and I’m missing something, or perhaps there is an agenda I’m not aware of, or maybe even a point about human psychology that is foreign to me, but I’m really confused about these Islamic radicals and what they’re on about!
They can’t be trying to win converts by beheading people who are doing aid work in their part of the world, and they can’t be trying to polish their image by terrorizing and slaughtering the local populations, so what exactly is their agenda?
Only two things come to mind, since we are not dealing with a normal situation here:
- The first is that they are doing this stuff to draw out all the other nuts and assholes who have always wanted to rape and pillage and generally create mayhem!
- They just generally hate everyone else to the point where they want to burn the whole world, AND DAMN THE CONSEQUENCES!

Whatever the case kids, these people are not playing with a normal playbook.
Matter of fact, I don’t think there’s a playbook at all!

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