Strange news out of “” this morning!
American Idol winner and country star Carrie Underwood released a single titled “Something in the Water,” and soon after, rumors began to circulate that atheists were trying to ban the track due to its Christian themes.
There is a story going around various conservative Christian blog sites stating that atheists are trying to ban a Carrie Underwood song, but the articles lack sources, or when they do include them, they point to stories which do not support the claims given. This story is going around social media and is sparking Christian anger at non-believers.
Fortunately, that’s all this rumour is………………., a rumour!
I say fortunately because it’s hard to believe that anyone would be so petty and small minded as to complain about a song that has religious overtones to it!
But……….., even if it was true, this wouldn’t be the first time some group got their underwear in a knot over issues that were manufactured and irrelevant.
After all, some people just like to hear themselves complain!
After all, what would Jesus say?
Lots of news lately about bees dying, but here’s a different take on that story: An Arizona man died and another was injured when a swarm of 800,000 angry bees escaped an attic and began attacking them.
According to KGUN9, the men—both landscapers—were working on a Douglas, AZ home when the bees attacked. One man was killed and another was transported to a nearby hospital, where he remains in critical condition.
(Get all the latest buzz right here, folks!)
Saskatchewan had a lot of flooding this year, and japparently farmers were in a quandary over how to drain their fields …….., and at the same time keep the local environmentalists happy!
Seems Farmer Jack wanted to drain the fields of water so he could go back to growing crops, while the people at “Ducks Unlimited” wanted to water to remain because the ducks seemed to like it!
(So far there have been reports of sporadic violence between the two groups in some areas!)
Seems that the news today is all about the Ebola outbreak, so I thought we could do our part as well.
untitledAccording to the Perspective Research Department the small S.W. Ontario town of Fingal has set up check points on the road in and out of town to guard against anyone with the Ebola virus entering the area.
Although the post is manned 24 hours a day, it seems nobody want to go there to begin with!
A New Hampshire woman says she was removed from a JetBlue flight after tweeting about the flight’s delays, which included a pilot having to take a sobriety test.
Lisa Carter-Knight, of Exeter, was waiting to board a Boston-bound plane in Philadelphia on Tuesday. JetBlue says it was delayed when the pilot believed another passenger accused him of being intoxicated. JetBlue said as a precaution, a sobriety test was conducted; the pilot was cleared.
Carter-Knight made posts to Twitter about the pilot accusing passengers of questioning his sobriety and also posted pictures of the plane. The flight eventually left four hours behind schedule, but Carter-Knight was denied boarding.
WMUR-TV reports ( JetBlue said if it feels a customer isn’t complying with safety instructions, exhibits objectionable behavior or causes conflict at the gate the customer will be asked to deplane or will be denied boarding.
Carter-Knight, who said JetBlue claimed that she was being “unruly,” got a refund.
Here’s another one of those strange headlines where I really want to know what’s gong on …………………, yet I would be further ahead not knowing!
“Dog Walker Finds Dead Bear On A Bicycle!”
Folks, don’t even ask!
Well kids, it turns out a can of sugar-laden energy drink may not spontaneously make you sprout wings after all.
According to court documents filed in New York Federal Court, Europe-based energy drink company Red Bull has agreed to pay out up to $13 million US in compensation to settle a class-action suit launched by an upset customer who says the company uses false advertising to promote its product.
“The defendant’s prodigious advertising marketing and promotional spending has been used to mislead customers into believing that Red Bull is a superior product worthy of a premium price and has the ability to ‘give you wings’ and provide energy and vitality,” reads the complaint brought forward by New York resident Benjamin Careathers, who has been drinking the product since 2002.
Although it contains many ingredients that the company claims are stimulants, the active ingredient is caffeine. The company makes those claims despite mounting evidence that its eponymous product contains no more stimulation than could be found from any other source of caffeine. A 250-ml can of Red Bull contains about 80 mg of caffeine. That’s less than other caffeine fixes, including coffee, a 207-ml cup of which can contain as much as 150 mg of caffeine.
“Even a 12-ounce [356-ml] serving of Starbucks coffee costs $1.85 and would contain fair more caffeine than a regular serving of Red Bull,” which has a suggested retail price of no less than $2.19 a can, the complaint reads.
“Despite the lack of any reported scientific support for a claim that Red Bull provides more benefit to consumers than a caffeine tablet or cup of coffee, defendants continue to market the product as a superior source of energy worthy of a premium price,” another court filing alleges.

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