Well folks, we now have a name for it!
“Christmas Creep!” Ho, Ho!
No, we’re not talking about Uncle harry, who comes for a visit every year, but rather the annoying habit of starting X-mas commercials and festivities earlier and earlier every year!
With Halloween now past, some retailers are already preparing for the holiday season. But some customers believe that it’s too soon to be mounting Christmas decorations, especially as the country has not yet observed Remembrance Day.
The shift from orange and black to red and green appeared to happen nearly overnight in stores and businesses across the country.
Starbucks, for example, unveiled its holiday cups and drinks this week. Other stores, like Canadian Tire, began to stock their shelves with holiday merchandise.
Calgary resident Luba Kozak said she was a bit taken aback to see Christmas decorations already going up.
“It was a little bit of a surprise,” she told CTV Calgary. “It’s something that I expect maybe in December; November is a little early.”
But Shashi Behl, owner of the gift shop Twisted Goods, said that for many businesses Nov. 1 marks the starts of the holiday shopping season.
“When you break it down like that, that’s not a lot of time left, because most of our shopping happens in the mall environment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” she said.
But there are a lot of Canadians who feel that it’s too soon to be celebrating the holidays, especially because the country has yet to mark Remembrance Day.
Businessman Brett Wilson kicked off a social media campaign to end the so-called “Christmas creep.” In a tweet he called on retailers to hold off on the Christmas decorations and to focus on red poppies instead.
During the trial of Luke Magnotta yesterday, a shrink testified that good ol’ Luke was NUTS!
Let’s see, I’m not doctor but Luke killed a guy, cut up his body into little parts ………….., and then mailed the pieces all over the country!
He’s nuts!
Don’t need no shrink for that one!
I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really tired of hearing about Jian Ghomeshi!
I think the only thing that could top the current allegations against him would be if someone found out that Jian has disappeared to go and join ISIS!
Speaking about ISIS!
Canada’s ISIS bomb attack destroyed heavy engineering equipment: Top general says Canadian fighter jets helped destroy equipment used to control part of Euphrates River!
OK, OK, one more thing about Jian Ghomeshi!
Seems everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon folks!
A former York University student is the first male to go public with allegations of impropriety involving former radio host Jian Ghomeshi. Jim Hounslow, who now works at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, told the Toronto Star that he and Ghomeshi were both attending York University in the early 1990s. In a report published online overnight, Hounslow alleges the two were waiting for an elevator when Ghomeshi “grabbed my genitals and fondled them.”
SOOOooooo, apparently Jian is now GAY as well!
(Or is someone trying to attract a little publicity?)
Here’s one for the books!
mini-628be52a584772d407e99d883f2d8f24-rsz320x160-cp0x0x320x160An Australian man says even his parents think he’s an “idiot” to surf a dead whale while hungry sharks circled in the water. Harrison Williams, of Perth, Australia, was seen on video jumping from a friend’s boat and climbing on top of the dead whale, because one of his friends said “it would be pretty funny to surf the whale.”
MEANWHILE: Brian Wargo doesn’t remember consciously thinking about what he should do when he saw his friend being attacked by a shark – but he obviously took the right course of action, because he likely saved her life. Wargo and McKenzie Clark were surfing off North Kohala on Hawaii’s Big Island on Friday when Clark bumped into something in the water, ABC News reports, so Brian swam up to the shark and punched it in the nose!
AND FINALLY: just to keep ya up at night!
Georgian-British singer Katie Melua went to the doctor last week complaining of a repetitive shuffling noise in her ear and worried there was something wrong with her hearing. Closer inspection revealed she’d been housing a tiny spider for a week – likely having come from a pair of ear-buds she likes to wear to block out noise on flights, reports the Guardian .


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