Two things that are short and sweet for today’s post kids!
First of all: Bill Cosby
Whether he did it or not, is NOT the issue ladies and gentlemen.
He has never been charged, let alone convicted of any of these allegations, but he IS being convicted int he court of public opinion.
Right now there is one of two possibilities for Bill.
1. He is guilty of sexual assault. (whatever that means)
2. This is another case of a woman just having to make an allegation to destroy someone!
Next the XL pipeline:
If the left wing environmentalists mange to stop the XL pipeline, the parent company of XL has already said that they will just ship the oil by rail!
Rail doesn’t just wind through the wilderness like a pipeline kids, IT GOES RIGHT THROUGH THE HEAR OF EVEY LITTLE TOWN AND VILLAGE ALONG THE WAY!
(And it’s not nearly as safe as a pipeline.
( Lac-Megantic)

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