Another misguided attempt by the P.C. crowd to paint everything black or white with no shades of grey …., 50 or otherwise!
(And I use the term “black and white” for a reason folks!)
Seems that last weekend some university students went to a Halloween party dressed as the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team that John Candy made a movie about. (If ya didn’t see the movie, don’t worry about it. What makes the movie so funny is that these guys are from Jamaica, where they haven’t seen snow in a million years!)
Anyway, to get back to the story, these college kids dressed as the Jamaicans with dreadlocks etc.ETC., and they painted their faces black, since after all ……, these were JAMAICANS!
The entire world’s supply of politically correct university students cried out in outrage over the use of “black-face” to depict the Jamaican team.
NOW, does anybody but me see any hypocrisy here?
(Well maybe hypocrisy is not the right word here folks, perhaps we should just say that they suffered from “misguided self- righteousness!”)
Ya see, “black-face” is a insulting portrayal of blacks that was done in Vaudeville and Minstrel shows in the first half of the twentieth century to denigrate the “Negros!” (It was always a white person putting black shoe polish on their face, and then singing like the black entertainers of that day! E.g. Al Jolson)
Only problem was, these college kids weren’t doing “black-face.”
They were dressed up as Jamaican bob-sledders ……….., who happen to be BLACK!
(Am I the only one who sees this, or is the whole world nuts!)
Each time a new edition of the World Whiskey Bible comes out, you can expect to see a Scottish distillery at the top—but the 2015 version is full of firsts.
A Japanese whiskey has stolen the No. 1 rank for the first time, while no Scottish whiskey even made it into the top five, the Independent reports, noting that “to add insult to injury,” Europe’s best whiskey hailed from … well, England.
Early reports tell of mass suicides in Scotland after the findings were released!
Word reached us that an employee at a large U.S. defence contractor failed a drug test because the results showed he was pregnant.
(He got the sample from his girlfriend, and only confessed after he was told: “urine trouble now!”)
Seems things are in a state of constant upheaval at the CBC since this whole “Ghomeshi” thing started!
First some guy behind the scenes on the “Power and Politics” program, said that a couple of M.P.s in Ottawa inappropriately touched and fondled him during a taping of that show ….., and now “Rusty” the hand puppet, from the Friendly Giant series, says he was constantly molested by staff members, who kept sticking their hands up his ass!
No word yet on any legal action!


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