(Santa getting ready for Christmas!)

Dear Readers:
The Perspective Research Department has obtained documents that show the Harper government is prepared to increase our claim to the North all the way up to the North Pole!
This would also automatically make Santa Claus a Canadian citizen!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been doing a lot of reading about U.S. politics over the weekend, and although I would personally vote for Hilary Clinton in an election, I feel that Rand Paul is the best shot for the Republicans……………………, even though, judging by his name, the guy is seriously dyslexic!
Like I said before folks, I don't understand all this new P.C. stuff. 
As we said last week, everybody and their uncle is getting in on this sexual assault thing.
Now Sheila Cops is claiming sexual assault when she was a rookie M.P. (And we are not talking about the time John Crosbie said: "Pass the tequila, Sheila, then lay down and love me again.")
No, that wasn't the time at all, it was when one of the other M.P.'s tried to steal a kiss from her in the hallway of the Parliament building.
Steal a kiss.................., that's sexual assault?
Listen folks, I thought sexual assault was rape!


Does that mean that stealing a kiss is as bad as rape, or is rape about as bad as stealing a kiss?
By all accounts Andy Dick is a dick no matter how ya look at it, but now he is criminally dickish for stealing some guy’s jewellery over the weekend, and getting himself arrested!
One of the “must see” things on any tour of London, England, is that iconic street scene from the cover of the Abbey Road album by the Beatles.
It has been a tourist hot-spot for the past 45 years and thousands of people make the walk every day, just like the Beatles did!
That is, everyone except this woman!

Not only will you be able to wear your next computer on your wrist like a complicated watch, but just about everyth9ing else will be in there as well:
The Royal Bank has paired with Toronto-based technology developer Bionym to test a wristband called Nymi (pronounced Nim-ee), which identifies owners through their unique heartbeat and then lets them charge purchases to their credit card.
The device looks like a watch, and will soon grace the wrists of 250 RBC clients and staff under a pilot project in Toronto that runs through February.
Eventually, the bank hopes to roll out its RBC PayBand across the country.
Yup, it’s enough to make Dick Tracy’s head swim folks!
Neil Young flew into Vancouver in his private jet over the weekend, ranted and raved about environmental stuff, and then flew away again!
VANCOUVER — Music icon Neil Young says Canadians need to stand up for clean air, land and water by taking on big oil companies in particular.
He calls issues involving pipelines “scabs on our lives,” and says Canadians must band together to ensure their constitution includes the right to live in a healthy environment.
Young is in Vancouver as part of the lineup of entertainers and artists including Barenaked Ladies, Feist and Robert Bateman for the last stop of the national Blue Dot Tour fronted by scientist and environmental activist David Suzuki.
The singer-songwriter continues to stir debate with his comment in Washington last year that oilsands in Fort McMurray, Alta., resemble the Japanese city of Hiroshima after it was laid waste by an atom bomb.
And he’s sticking to the comparison he made in opposing the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, saying people who were in Hiroshima and have been to Fort McMurray have told him they agree with his statement.
He says it’s too bad if people don’t like his views.
“Those people who are the Fort McMurray people, either they’re oil people or they’re occupied by oil people. So of course they’re going to be upset because I just said we don’t want that. It’s not good for our families,” Young said in an interview.
Dave Collyer, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, has said that while the industry needs to make environmental improvements, Young has used his rock-star status to mischaracterize oil sands development.
The 68 year old rock legend said before taking to the stage Sunday that his most important task as a musician is to speak against — as he put it — “things that interfere with the home.”
“I see the world the way I see it. I’m going to do what I think should be done because people are watching me. Then they’ll say, ‘Why’s he doing that? Doesn’t he care about selling records?’ No, I don’t.”
Young expresses his staunch activist views in his latest protest song “Who’s Going to Stand Up?” on a new CD, with calls to “ban fossil fuel and draw the line before we build one more pipeline.”
“The real issue is do we want to have a clean planet,” he said Sunday. “Do people in Canada deserve to have food that’s good and breathe clean air? If people in Canada all wanted that, it might be a good idea to put it in their constitution like so many other countries around the world.”
Young, who was born in Ontario and lives in California, said he still considers Canada his home even decades after he left the country.
“There are some people who say that I’m not a true Canadian because I roam the earth. To me that’s the most Canadian thing to do is roam the earth.”
Although governments and industry tout jobs from new and expanded pipelines, Young doesn’t agree with that sentiment.
“That’s not a job. It’s a disaster,” he said.
Suzuki, for his part, said he’s been to Fort McMurray many times and “slammed” the development there because of the environmental impact that goes far beyond Alberta.
The federal government has granted conditional approval for the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, which would carry bitumen, a molasses-like crude, between Alberta and B.C.’s coast.
The project by Calgary-based Enbridge (TSX:ENB) faces staunch opposition, as does Kinder Morgan’s expansion of the Trans Mountain project, which would nearly triple capacity for an existing crude oil passage from Alberta through Metro Vancouver.

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