Dear Readers:
We got THIS in the mail today and as far as the Perspective Research Department can tell, the facts seem to be correct!
An excerpt from Jackie Wilson’s Facebook:
By now you all know that my husband is a member of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada and is a comrade of Nathan Cirillo. Over the course of the last couple of days, there has been an outpouring of support shown from around the world to the Argylls and to the Cirillo family. As my husband said, it’s overwhelming. However, there is a very well known CANADIAN company who refused to provide any assistance to an Argyll.
A member of the Argyll Pipes & Drums had previously booked a flight with Air Canada that was scheduled to depart on Monday evening (Oct 27th). After the death of his friend, Nathan, this Argyll contacted Air Canada and explained how he is an active member with the Argylls and was asked to take part in the funeral service, therefore, he asked if there was any way he could delay his departure by one day.
Air Canada obliged but only after informing him that there would be a $900 fee to do so. There were many calls placed to Air Canada by the regiment as well as by the upper echelon of the Canadian Military asking for their assistance but the airline stood firm on their $900 fee. Argyll members who WORK FOR Air Canada also tried to intervene but this fell on deaf company ears.
How could Air Canada be so completely non-compassionate for the circumstances surrounding the request? I suppose the all mighty dollar is more important to Air Canada than supporting their country through this tragedy. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!
How is it that WESTJET immediately offered to provide all travel needs to the family and for the regiment (at NO cost!) but Air Canada refused to do so without full payment?????
How is it that there are businesses pouring support through the doors of the Armories and to the regiment / Cirillo family (Molson/Coors offering to cover all beverage needs, Fortinos offering to provide as many sandwich platters / food trays as possible, WestJet providing all travel arrangements,
This is to name but a few and these companies came forward without being asked!) but Air Canada refuses to do so unless paid???? COMPLETELY DISRESPECTFUL, AIR CANADA! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!! You had every opportunity to show your patriotism and CANADIAN PRIDE but you blew it! I am completely and utterly disgusted and believe that this needs to be made public.
NO AIR CANADA….You don’t deserve to hold “Canada” in your title nor should you boast OUR Canadian maple leaf in your logo and on your planes. Your actions in this situation are appalling! You are the furthest thing from an airline that Canadians should ever even consider using. I hope your greed will also be your demise.
Jackie Wilson

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