OK folks, it’s now official!
During his weekly address in the Vatican on Wednesday, Pope Francis was consoling a little boy who had recently lost his dog, assuring the boy that he and his furry friend would reunite in heaven.
“One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures,” the pontiff said, according to Italian news sources.
While the pope’s words were applauded by animal groups such as the Humane Society, the statements contradict the conservative Catholic belief that animals can’t go to heaven because they don’t have souls.

(Gee, the kid should wait for a few years and get himself some virgins! -Ed.)
THIS, ladies and gentlemen, shows exactly what is wrong with our society today!
A Winnipeg School Division school trustee says Kelvin High School teacher Brad Badiuk’s Facebook comments about aboriginal people are “offensive and ignorant, and require leaders to stand up.”
Sherri Rollins, trustee for Ward 1, said she “emphatically denounces” the comments Badiuk made on Facebook about aboriginal people and the grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.
Badiuk has been placed on paid leave while the school division investigates.
NOW, here’s the kicker kids:
Nowhere in the article does it say what this guy was supposed to have done! All it does is condemn him, and we are supposed to take their word for it!
That’s right: “Reason? We don’t need no stinkin’ reason!”
So, in these politically correct times let’s do a bit of further diggings instead of just painting the guy with a broad brush of condemnation! (I was going to say “painting him black” but that would have started a whole new discussion!)
Anyway, we had the Perspective Research Department do a bit of digging, and this is what they came up with.
OK ………………, are ya ready?
imagesCAVCNRT6THIS is what he said: “Oh God, how long are aboriginal people going to use what happened as a crutch to suck more money out of Canadians?”
Or THIS: “The benefits the aboriginals enjoy from the white man/Europeans far outweigh any wrong doings that were done to a conquered people.”
Now my mother told me ya can never get in trouble for telling the truth, but i guess she was wrong!
Either that, or Brad Badiuk is simply guilty of making politically - in-correct – statements, while being a member of a group that prides itself on their left-wing extremism.
Got another “Asshole of the Day” for ya!
It’s Liberal Sen. Grant Mitchell:
By Brian Lilley
1342426884916_ORIGINALWe are confronting a global terrorism problem and for the most part that threat emanates from Islam.
Whether we are talking about attacks in Ottawa, Fort Hood, New York, London, Madrid, Libya, the Philippines, India or across Iraq and Syria, the common thread is Islam and Islamacism.
Yet 13 years after 9/11, with countless victims piled up on the altar of Islamacism, some people cannot stand to hear that there is any connection at all.
Right now in Parliament a Senate committee is studying security threats to Canada.
Over the past two weeks both Tarek Fatah and Salim Mansur have appeared before this committee.
Both men are Muslims, both men have spoken out against radical Islam and claimed there are problems in some of Canada’s mosques.
I suggested that every Friday prayer is preceded by a prayer asking for the defeat of the infidel at the hands of the Muslims and I stand by it ….., that prayer has been going on for 1,400 years,” Fatah said.
Then Salim Mansur chimed in:
“The exposure of Muslims on Fridays during communal prayers to sermonizing from pulpits by imams of political situations in Muslim lands and Muslims as victims of the U.S. foreign policy, of Jews and Zionism, and of Hindus in India. This is a combustible atmosphere!”
That’s a message some people don’t want to hear.
asshole trophyEspecially Sen. Mitchell.
“You make a very provocative statement,” Mitchell said, “and it’s not consistent with my experience although I am not Muslim and I haven’t been to mosque in the way you have. But I know many wonderful and amazing, remarkable Muslim people.”
Sure, the majority of Muslims are nice people, bunky ……….., BUT WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THEM!
And that’s what makes this politically correct guy an asshole, and our “Asshole of the Day!” -Ed.


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