Dear Readers:
Contrary to rumours floating around the Internet this morning, Hugh Hefner did not die on the weekend!
The long time Playboy is in fine health, but we are sad to report that it was his “dick” that died!
After having an erection for the last sixty years, his ‘willy’ finally gave out by withering and falling off over the Christmas holidays!
No word in to the Perspective Research Department yet on whether Hef misses his “Johnson” since he is now 88 years old ………., or whether he has even noticed that it’s gone!
Folks, I put this in here for a reason.
You have to watch this video. You might find it boring ……., and you might find it fascinating, but you will gain a new appreciation of how animals have feelings the same as we do!
(It’s just that the poor little buggers aren’t nearly as smart as us!)

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-And this is why people shouldn't buy dogs unless they are prepared for that responsibility. I'm not saying you're a bad owner - I did the exact same thing, I recorded my dog, and it really upsets me. I wanted to either get her another dog to play with during the day, or my life needs to be set up in a way that my dog goes with me everywhere. The thing is, I don't know if the former will even work - maybe both will get upset, instead of just the one?

-I just KNOW the comments section will be full of morons going "OMG ANIMAL ABUSE"

-this is insanely depressing.

-why do americans let their dogs inside the house? That's really disgusting.

-What if someone invented a clock for dogs? Hear me out... ! It wouldn't be a normal circular clock with 3 arms, as that would be too confusing for a dog. Instead, it would be rectangular, with only one 'arm'. The arm would slowly move from one end of the rectangular 'clock' to the other end. You would mount it on your door. Before leaving for work, you would re-set the arm back to its starting position, and point at it to help the dog learn what its purpose is. How fast the arm moves to the end would be determined by a setting on the back of the unit. Eventually the dog would learn that before leaving home, its master always sets the device for the dog's own information, and by the time the arm reaches the end, master always comes home. The dog could come to the door and check every once in a while how soon master will be home. It would help them stop worrying. (In case of unforeseen delays or in case you're be coming home early, you could change the setting on the 'clock' from an app on your phone)

-That's why we should also invent a dog phone so you can call the dog and tell that you're a little late and it shouldn't wait up for you! ;>)