Dear Readers:
Let’s get things back into Perspective here!
As you may, or may not know, has been engaged in an ongoing battle with Google over the issue of censorship.
My views on political correctness, the government, cops, Indians, feminists, the far left, the far right, Muslims, Christian fundamentalists, the judicial system, and dozens of other groups, has raised some hackles from the more reactionary members of these organizations! (This whole thing started when I did a rant about ALL of these groups one day, and someone took umbrage with what I said.)
1067863-Clipart-Flasher-Man-From-Behind-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationAs a result of these viewpoints, especially for my stance on political correctness, Google has chosen not to let me display any of their ads on this site, thereby cutting off my only source of income for
I tried to appease them by deleting what they considered ‘objectionable” posts and comments, but every time I do they come back with some other shit that has no relation to what they were originally talking about ……………!
That’s right kids, once the first complaint was taken care of, the left wing hacks started coming up with all sorts of other stuff that they considered “inappropriate,’ until we got down to this latest dispute!
april01(I have to digress for a moment to remind everyone that this site is an “aggregator” and features a lot of material that the system picks up from other sites and contributors. Material that can run into hundreds of posts a day, and between two to three hundred thousand readers a month!)
In other words, the nuts have taken over the asylum! (And that’s why they are my “Asshole of the Day!”)
Here is the latest excuse:
NOW! If you go to this link you will first of all notice that it is in FRENCH, (We don’t publish in French.) and was arbitrarily added by the feed system in the programming!
SO, how do we control everything that is sent in and picked up to the point where Google will be happy! (And I don’t think I need remind you that Google itself had this problem a while back where someone was trying to blame them for what they considered objectionable content on the Google site!)
In spite of all this folks, the conditions they are using as an excuse to muzzle us are getting thinner and thinner!
What is their latest complaint?
That post we talked about had THIS picture …………………., which they considered pornographic!!!!!!!!!

(I’ve seen better! By the way, that’s Heidi Klum!)
A man was once dismissed (kicked out) from the US Air Force for asking “How can I know that an order I receive to launch my missiles came from a sane president?”
Speaking about the Air Force: Canada has the 6th largest air force in the Americas, behind the US Air Force, the US Navy, the US Army, the US Marine Corps, and the Brazilian Air Force.

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