Dear Readers:
Yes, your faithful reporter knows all about Jian Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby, and I know that sexual assault is not to be treated lightly, and I realize that women need to be treated equally in modern day society!
I know all this, and I am also aware that I have to make a “meā culpā, meā culpā, meā maximā culpā,” just because I’m a male in this land of the progressively free! [sic]
Just as I keep saying, this whole fixation with a woman’s treatment in society can be used for evil as well!
(I’m accused of being a misogynist and a dinosaur by some left wingers …………, but I think the incidence of false accusations and charges by some women against their former partners is also reaching epidemic proportions. Especially in divorce and child custody cases!)
In this case, who do we blame?
The woman?
The cops?
The prosecutor?
The guy in question, for hanging around with a vindictive nut case?
A man with an alibi spent eight months in jail before serious sex charges against him were stayed.
Now Hassan Salem is suing police and the complainant for $1.9 million, alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution, according to a lawsuit filed with the court this month.
Salem, 46, started a romantic relationship with a woman — who cannot be named because she is a sexual assault complainant — in the spring of 2012, according to his statement of claim.
He broke it off in October of that year, but the woman “did not take this break-up well,” the lawsuit statement alleges.
Repeated attempts over the past week by QMI Agency to contact the female complainant have been unsuccessful.
On Nov. 30 the woman told police Salem had sexually assaulted her, but Salem, a tow-truck driver, gave cops details of the towing calls he went to on the night of the alleged assault.
Police, he alleges, “failed to follow up on this alibi information until forced to by the Crown on the eve of trial eight months later.”
The woman made yet more allegations and Salem was denied bail on Dec. 20, 2012, and again at a bail review on March 4, 2013, despite an inconclusive rape kit, the lawsuit alleges.
On the day Salem’s trial was to begin – July 30, 2013 – the Crown disclosed that police had finally confirmed Salem had been working the night of the alleged sex assault.
What really gets me is that the cops knew the guy had an alibi, but they were either too lazy to check it out, or they wanted to convict this guy no matter what the circumstances!
I don’t like Dick Cheney.
imagesHe scares me, and is evil!
But, I sort of agree with what he said here!
Former Vice President Dick Cheney vigorously defended the CIA’s use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” on Sunday, dismissing the Senate report that referred to water-boarding and other practices as torture, and saying that there was no comparison to how terrorists treat Americans.
“It worked. It absolutely did work,” Cheney, one of the George W. Bush administration’s staunchest advocates of the harsh tactics after the 9/11 attacks, said on NBC’s Meet the Press.
“Torture, to me … is an American citizen on his cellphone making a last call to his four young daughters shortly before he burns to death in the upper levels of the Trade Center in New York on 9/11,” Cheney added. “There’s this notion that there’s moral equivalence between what the terrorists did and what we do, and that’s absolutely not true. We were very careful to stop short of torture.”
Cheney said that he had no second thoughts about the tactics: “I’d do it again in a minute.”
SURE THEY TORTURED THE TERRORISTS ………………………, but Cheney should have the guts to admit it, instead of wimping out and saying it wasn’t torture! (Like most bullies, he doesn’t hold up well under pressure!)
Look folks, this is war with NO rules, as far as these Islamic Militants are concerned!
After you have been kicked in the nuts, you should get even in any way possible!
Here’s a woman in South Korea who has been taking lessons from Belinda Stronach.
untitledCho Hyun-ah, the daughter of the guy who owns Korean Airlines, was on a flight home a few days ago and asked the stewardess for some macadamia nuts.
(Here comes the kicker!)
They served them in a bag, instead of on a plate.
Cho threw a hissy-fit, and made such a fuss that her dad stepped in the next day and fired her from the company!
Goodbye Cho, goodbye!
(By the way, sales of macadamia nuts has exploded across the country.)
A sad commentary on life in American, boys and girls!
Vivid Entertainment, in its infinite wisdom, has calculated that America’s growing interest in “big, beautiful women” and our morbid curiosity about the Honey Boo Boo family add up to ideal market conditions for a porno starring estranged couple Mama June Boo Boo and Mike “Sugar Bear” Boo Boo.
The company behind landmark sex tapes like Kim K Superstar and Backdoor Teen Mom is willing to pay $1 million “or more” to see unemployed ex-reality stars June and Sugar Bear reunite. And, more specifically, f*ck.
In a letter to Mama June, released by TMZ, studio head Steven Hirsch emphasizes her unique appeal in the thriving BBW market, and promises “as much creative input as you would like.”
Doing the tape wouldn’t make things in Boo Boo Land any more insane than they already are, after the family’s TLC show was cancelled because June apparently dumped Sugar Bear for a convicted child molester who preyed on one of her own daughters.
And finally:
Contrary to public opinion, the State of Texas doe not allow people to “openly carry” guns while out in public!
(Of course they can have concealed weapons under their shirt, or in handbags, or down your cowboy boots, or under you cowboy hat!
But no guns in holsters at your hip.
That’s about to change.
A new law will make if possible to walk around like Wyatt Earp or Pat Garrett.


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