Dear Readers:
Your oft confused reporter is going to draw a comparison that might not make much sense at first glance, but upon further inspection might just start to ring a few bells!
I am going to draw a comparison between cops and Islamic terrorists!
Now don’t get too excited about this because I am talking about the way they are viewed by members of their own group, not by how they act as individuals!
What brought this about was the TV coverage this morning of a cop in NYC who was killed by someone pissed at the police ………, and the comparison is as follows.
An Islamic terrorist, while not supported by the majority of the Muslim population, has a certain percentage of the faithful giving him or her tacit approval, if not outright support for their extremist views.
The same can be said for certain cops!
There are those who deal with policing situations with violence, or intimidation, and they are not generally condemned or ostracized by their peers.
This means that Abdul the terrorist , or Joe the cop, can shoot someone, and their compatriots will not only NOT publicly condemn them, but will probably offer undeclared approval.
What it all boils down to kids, is not only the individual, but those around them that secretly condone this sort of behaviour, are just as guilty!
This is a picture of 5% of Turkey:
See it down there in the bottom right of the picture.
The green line is the Turkish border, and the red line is the division between Europe and the Middle East/Asia.
Turkey is about 95% in the Middle-East, and is a Muslim country, not a Christian one …………….. so this brings up two questions!
1. Why does Turkey want to join the European Union?
2. Why is anyone considering it?
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has hit a new low by calling U.S. President Obama a “monkey!”
In a statement issued on Saturday, an NDC spokesman denounced the US for screening the “dishonest and reactionary movie hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK [North Korea] and agitating terrorism”.
President Obama, the statement said, “is the chief culprit who forced the Sony Pictures Entertainment to indiscriminately distribute the movie”, blackmailing cinemas in the US.
It added: “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest.”
The NDC also accused also Washington of “groundlessly linking the unheard of hacking at the Sony Pictures Entertainment to the DPRK”.
The Interview is a classic Hollywood romp involving two lads who go to a strange place and get seduced (in several senses).
And it is very funny. That’s partly because it is also a very good political satire.
It is powerful because it depicts Kim Jong-un as a vain, buffoonish despot, alternating between threats and weeping that he’s been misunderstood. The people around him have all the signs of fear you might expect with a despot – they second-guess his likes and dislikes.
imagesMaybe he – and they – were right to fear the film. North Korean defectors sometimes smuggle USB sticks with films and soaps into the closed-off country, and there is a view in the south that these are a particularly powerful means of undermining the regime in Pyongyang. If that’s so, The Interview might be a good candidate for inclusion.
That fear may explain the North Korean leadership’s intemperate, deeply racist language. It’s not the first time, it has called President Obama a monkey.
A Torontonian is the first person in the world to feed raw coffee cherries to elephants and harvest them from the elephant’s deposits to make some of the most exclusive and expensive coffee in the world. (The Black Ivory Coffee is found in exclusive hotels for about $50-60 Cdn a cup or can be purchased online for around $130 for just over 100 grams.)
untitledEach elephant eats 150 kilograms of food a day. Dinkin slips a few coffee cherries into their diet, but they can be fussy about what they eat. Dinkin mixes tamarind, salt and other fruits into their food, depending on the elephant’s preferences.
“It’s like being a waiter in a restaurant,” said Dinkin. “Some elephants like it … a little more plain. Other elephants like it with some rice. Some elephants like it with banana.”
It takes one to two days for the coffee cherries to make their full trip through the elephants digestive tract. During that time, they pick the flavours of the elephant’s diet, giving the coffee a distinctive taste, says Dinkin.
To make a single kilogram of coffee beans, it takes about 33 kilograms of raw coffee cherries.
You may not like it when people wish you “Merry Christmas,” but if you’re traveling today, you may want to try not to lose your temper over it. One man in New York couldn’t quite do that Tuesday, and he got tossed off a plane as a result.
untitledThe man was waiting to board an American Airlines flight at La Guardia Airport that day when a gate agent checking boarding passes wished him a merry Christmas. “You shouldn’t say that because not everyone celebrates Christmas,” the man replied, according to witnesses. When the gate agent asked for an alternate greeting suggestion, the man just yelled, “Don’t say ‘Merry Christmas’!”
Then, on the plane, a flight attendant offered him the same greeting. “Don’t say ‘Merry Christmas’!” was also shouted at her, the New York Post reports. The man then reportedly started “lecturing” the crew and even the pilot, and when they couldn’t calm him down, he was finally escorted off the plane. The rest of the passengers cheered, the Post notes.

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