Dear Readers:
Your much maligned reporter is a confused as ever about what is going on with the Indians in this fair land of ours!
You might remember we had a post in yesterday’s blog about a teacher in Winnipeg!
A Winnipeg School Division school trustee says Kelvin High School teacher Brad Badiuk’s Facebook comments about aboriginal’s are “offensive and ignorant, and require leaders to stand up.”

Without going into all the sordid details again today, let me say that I forgot to put my own two cents worth into the article: “The Native Americans were a stone age culture that hadn’t even invented the wheel yet. If it hadn’t been for the arrival of the Europeans to North America, the Indians would still be living in tents, and walking everywhere they went, since we brought horses with us!”
Be that as it may, I hope I don’t have to remind you of what the Indians did at OKA, in Caledon, out in B.C., the “Idle no More” movement,” and even claiming most of the city of Sarnia as their own! (There’s a ton of other stuff too, but this is just a reminder, not a blanket condemnation!)
The #Indians are on the warpath again!
They have a reserve up in Kettle Point, and they took over the old Ipperwash Military base next to it about twenty years ago. (You will remember this is where Dudley George was killed by a cop!)
In between is the old Ipperwah Provincial Park and a stretch of Ipperwas beach that is basically owned by the people who have cottages up there! (Their land stretches right to the water’s edge!)
This beach has been blocked to vehicle traffic for years and years because the property owners don’t want: a. The traffic, and b, Pollution all over the white sand of the beach,……., things like motor and transmission oil, etc. etc. (Especially with the cars the natives drive up there!)
This past week the Indians decided they didn’t like driving down the road between their two Reserves all that much, and would rather drive along the beach owned by the cottagers!
They tore down the barricades at either end of the beach and now drive up and down on the sand with their cars, instead of on the road, which is about a hundred yards to the south.
And people deep asking why I’m so confused!!!!  (On a side note, as I mentioned, the natives had to walk everywhere before we came over …………, at least now they have ’92’ Chevy’s to drive around in!)
P.S. A lot of people might consider this to be an unfair depiction of Native Americans, but let me tell ya something ……, if they would stop doing this stupid shit, I wouldn’t be so pissed off!

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