White Rock, B.C. will hold its annual polar bear plunge in the ocean again today.
These slightly deranged revelers are shown here during last years dip, and most of them will be back again today for another try at hypothermia!
Since last night was New Years Eve you should know that a lot of the cab companies across the country are now charging a $50- penalty is ya throw up in their cabs!
A lot of people are asking what is open and closed on New Years day, and according to the staff at the Perspective Naked News Department it doesn't really matter much since most people will be too hung over to go anywhere!
Well kids, it seems some people had more fun than others during last nights New Years eve celebrations.
A naked 71-year-old woman and her equally clothes-free male companion, 54, were arrested last month for indecent exposure after a Michigan cop found them trysting in the back seat of a Buick Regal that was rocking gently and had its windows steamed over, according to a police report.
When the officer opened the vehicle’s rear door and asked the nude couple what they were doing, Tim Adams offered a concise answer. “I’m fucking this chick,” he said.
Yes, Adams referred to his septuagenarian consort, Rita Daniels, as a “chick.”
According to a City of Farmington Police report, Daniels’s 2002 Buick was in a shopping center parking lot, adjacent to a restaurant whose customers, including a 10-year-old-boy, apparently had a view of the illicit nighttime action!
Officer Andrew Morche noted that the car’s windows “were covered with heavy condensation,” and that Daniels was atop Adams “and the two were engaged in sexual activities.”
C9RMVQ64BDME6JEP-rsz320x199-cp0x19x320x179A police investigation determined that the couple’s courtship was a brief one. They had met for drinks at a nearby bar “before moving to the back seat of the Buick.”
When questioned by cops, neither Daniels nor Adams–both of whom were unsteady and smelled of booze–knew the other’s name.
A Breathalyzer test recorded Daniels’s blood alcohol content as .15, nearly twice the state limit.
Daniels and Adams were busted for indecent exposure and disorderly intoxication and booked into the local jail, where they were held until sobriety returned.
Misdemeanor charges against Daniels and Adams, who are pictured in the above mug shots (click to enlarge), are pending in Michigan’s 47th District Court.
Want some more evidence of global warming, bunky?
The coldest snowstorm in the States this winter didn’t hit Chicago or the East Coast, but Southern California.
18ffa81b77c6d352520118338261b422The San Bernardino Mountains, about 50 miles east of Los Angeles, were buried in windswept snow last night.
Firefighters rescued over 180 stranded drivers using Snow Cats to plow through the 12-plus inches of snow covering the steep, winding Highway 138. Drivers were taken to a ski lodge, a fire station and a nearby church, where Red Cross workers administered aid, while others either left their cars and walked to shelter or drove away once the roads were cleared.
Though the official numbers aren’t in for December, it’s likely that 2014 will go down as the planet’s hottest year on record, at least since scientists started keeping tabs on global temperature.
Data from three major climate-tracking groups agree: The combined land and ocean surface temperatures hit new highs this year, according to the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the United Kingdom’s Met Office and the World Meteorological Association.
If December’s figures are at least 0.76 degrees Fahrenheit (0.42 degrees Celsius) higher than the 20th century average, 2014 will beat the warmest years on record, NOAA said this month. The January-through-November period has already been noted as the warmest 11-month period in the past 135 years, according to NOAA’s November Global Climate Report. [8 Ways Global Warming Is Already Changing the World]
Even with the planet gunning for new global heat records, not all regions sweltered year-round in 2014. For instance, parts of North America suffered from extreme cold in January and February. That said, there were plenty of places where heat records fell this year. Here is a look at five places that will help push 2014 into the global warming record books.
-Australia: For the second year in a row, Australians saw heat records topple from the Gold Coast to the Coral Coast. The country kicked off January with an extreme heat wave; temperatures soared higher than 120 F (49 C). Heat waves in the autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November) also drove temperatures into the record books.
-Eastern Pacific Ocean: Toasty temperatures developed in the eastern Pacific Ocean, despite an El NiƱo that never appeared. The heat was especially notable off the western coast of the United States. Fishing boats spotted species well north of their range, such as a giant ocean sunfish offshore of Alaska. For the global ocean, the September to November sea surface temperature was 1.13 F (0.63 C) above the 20th century average of 60.7 F (16.0 C), surpassing the previous record by 0.11 F (0.06 C), according to NOAA.
-Siberia: Central Siberia defrosted in spring and early summer under temperatures more than 9 F (5 C) above its 1981 to 2010 average. Ice on the Ob River began to break up two weeks earlier than normal. The heat may have unleashed methane gas trapped in previously frozen permafrost, triggering underground explosions that formed spectacularly deep holes.
-California: The long-running drought in California was made worse in 2014 by record heat. The first 10 months of 2014 were the warmest in California’s history since 1895, further burdening the state’s water demands.
-Northern Europe: The same weather pattern that froze North America in early 2014 brought an unusually warm spring to countries including Denmark, Norway and Turkey. The sultry spring was the warmest in a century or more in these countries. In addition, January to October was the warmest 10-month period on record for Central England since 1659, and the warmest such period for the Netherlands since 1706.
Getty Images/Getty Images – MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 14: People jump into the sea to keep cool at St Kilda Beach on January 14, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. Temperatures are expected to reach over 40 degrees Celsius in parts of Victoria over the next four days. (Photo by Craig Sillitoe/Getty Images)
Melbournians Flock To The Beaches During Heatwave

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