A beloved elderly pony that escaped from his barn stall and went for a stroll one night was shot dead by police for no good reason, according to a furious family in Oregon. A neighbor called police after she found Gir, a 30-year-old American Miniature Horse, lying in her yard in Clackamas County last month.
Police say a deputy fatally shot the horse after deciding it had been hit by a car, had two broken legs, and was unable to stand, according to KATU—but owners Crista and Adam Fitzgerald sent it to a veterinary lab for a second opinion and discovered it was in good health apart from arthritis and didn’t have any broken bones. “It wasn’t that Gir couldn’t stand up, it was probably that he didn’t want to,” Adam Fitzgerald tells the Portland Tribune. “He was a stubborn horse. We were late getting out to the barn that day, and he didn’t get his pain medication.”

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Speaking of the cops:
Another memorable police mugshot is making the rounds: This time, it’s a 21-year-old Ohio man named Andrew Marcum, who looks pretty emotional as he’s getting booked. However he gets no sympathy from Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, who posted a taunting tweet that asks, “Is it raining or is he teared up. Tough guys sometime(s) sensitive.” The tweet followed a strange social media exchange between Marcum and the sheriff’s office.
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Although an Italian neurosurgeon recently boasted that he plans to conduct a human head transplant within two years, experts say this proposal is scientifically and ethically absurd.
The idea behind the operation is that it could theoretically extend the life of a person whose body is gravely damaged or diseased by putting his or her head onto the body of a deceased donor. The surgeon said he plans to achieve this feat by joining the spinal cords of the severed head and new body.
Canavero-ted-talk(Sergio Canavero demonstrates his head transplant technique using a banana to represent the spinal cord.)

Credit: EDx Talks, YouTube Screenshot

U.F.O. lands in Toronto
And Finally:
American religion is on the ropes, but it has a prayer.
A record-low share of Americans attend church regularly, affiliate with a religious faith and see themselves as religious, according to a major survey released this week.
The findings from the 2014 General Social Survey mark a continuation of a decades-long departure from the pews along with a growing share who profess loyalty to no religion at all.
But whatever Americans’ hang-ups with weekend services and denominational ties, they haven’t stopped praying on their own.