Dog quarantined after attack leaves man dead: Getty Images
Two people in Wheeling, West Virginia, are dead and a dog is locked away at an animal control facility, following a bizarre incident which took place inside of a residence on Sunday, reported Monday’s publication of the Daily Mail.
When Jack was dumped at the Carson Shelter in Gardena, California, he realized his dire situation and began to cry – and in response, his owner began to laugh.
Late Sunday evening, local authorities were called to a home after receiving a call about a dog attack. According to the Post-Gazette, inside of the home was a severely wounded man and a man who was unconscious – as well as a dog, which was described as a “pit bull.”
Both men were transported to a hospital and neither survived. It is believed that the man who was attacked by the dog had been trying to perform CPR on the unconscious man, who likely a heart attack; the dog is said to have belonged to the man who was being resuscitated.
The dog involved in the attack was removed by animal control officers and taken to a facility to be held in quarantine. The victims’ names have not yet been released.
Oceanside, CA – Firefighters from Oceanside and Carlsbad were able to help one of “man’s best friends” when a local dog became stuck between two storage containers on an elementary school playground.
A caller reported their dog had run around behind the metal storage containers while playing with kids and had become stuck when it tried to come out the front by walking between them. Filled with supplies for the South Oceanside Elementary School at 1806 South Horne Street in South Oceanside, several containers are located next to each other with less than a foot of space between them. However, the space becomes progressively narrower the closer to the front you get and as the dog tried to walk out towards their owners, he eventually became stuck approximately six feet from the opening.
According to CBS Newspath, the owners of “Spike”, a 12-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, worked with the staff at the Oceanside Unified School District to try and free him, but were unable to do so and called for firefighters next.
d11af6c4791558b323d0e3cbe7fb11d8According to Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, witnesses watched in disbelief as Jack’s owner coldly left him behind. Jack had to spend his holidays at the shelter – and now he needs your help to find a home where he’ll actually be loved. Please SHARE his story to help him find a home!

Update: It looks like Jack will be having the last laugh – because he’s safe! Read the update here.