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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

All together ......, in harmony!

Dear Readers:

Some of you might be wondering why your long suffering author is re-printing this e-mail I got today, given my attitude towards organized religion and the Church in general. (See my book 'The Plain Truth About God'  H E R E )

Well let me tell you folks,  I have listened to Greta Vosper several times on Mary Hine's CBC program "Tapestry," and all in all ...., I sort of like the cut of her jib! (And if you've ever had a cut jib, you'll know what I mean!)

Since regular readers also know that I'm not above some shameless promotion of things or causes that strike my fancy, I give you the e-mail here and hope that at least some of you enjoy it!

Allan Janssen

The power of song ..... and getting past the theological barrier!

Hymnody has been a major force for the transmission of theological concepts over the millennia. From the beautiful simplicity of the fourth century "Of the Father's Love Begotten" to the contemporary drive of Faith Hill's vision of the end times,  "There Will Come a Day," theology has found its way into the words we sing.

But often, in church settings, clergy who have long since moved beyond the literal interpretation of the doctrinal claims of their denominations continue to choose hymns that promote that same doctrine or allow music directors to do so.
In With or Without God, I argued that if you couldn't read it in the pulpit, you shouldn't sing it in the pew. Since then, my congregation, West Hill United, has been forced to play the part of crash test dummies, singing hymns that have been tweaked or entirely rewritten. They are a gracious lot!

In addition to being able to sing them to traditional tunes, the brilliant and prolific composer, Ron Klusmeier, whose work is well-known and loved in liberal church circles, is hard at work creating new music for them, too! I am so excited about that. In fact, it's driving me a bit crazy that I can't peek over his shoulder and see what he's up to! Having two choices of music will allow the music to be enjoyed far outside the walls of church, as well. Because the songs are all doctrine free, they can be sung in any setting.

Here are a few of the new songs I have rewritten over the past few months. Do let me know which is your favourite and, if you want, send me a song you'd like me to try to rewrite. I'll try to rise to the challenge!

Nearer, My God, to Thee, rewritten as For Our Humanity

Amazing Grace, rewritten as Love, Again

The Church's One Foundation, rewritten as 'Til All, in Truth, are Free


Gretta []