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Friday, 12 June 2015

Asshole of the Day!

Folks, this woman deserves a lot more then just the distinction of being our "Asshole of the Day," but unfortunately that's the worst we can charge her with on this blog!

A Virginia mother left her two young kids in a hot car with the windows rolled up while she made an appearance at the Henrico County Courthouse this week, say police. The harder-to-fathom part is that she was appearing in court over allegations that she had done almost the same thing last month, reports WTVR.

The good news is that the kids—ages 6 and 1—are fine, but now 25-year-old Laquanda Newby faces additional charges. The story begins May 26, when Newby was accused of leaving the children in her car while she shopped at Sam's Club. She showed up at court Monday to be booked on that charge, and while she was inside, passers-by alerted deputies to the kids in the car.

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When a Kansas reporter said she was having a rough day at work, she wasn’t kidding.
KSNT’s Katya Leick was on location at a U.S. Army base covering a story about live-fire drills when she came under attack by a swarm of cicadas. The large flying insects repeatedly land on Leick as she valiantly tries to complete her report. The video captures Leick shrieking and flailing about, trying to rid herself of the pests.
Leick drops the microphone at one point when a cicada lands near her mouth.
To her credit, Leick is able to laugh about the incident. She posted on her Facebook page that it was okay to laugh at her, along with a link to the YouTube video titled, “News Reporter Freakout!”


Courtney Barnes is taking the internet by storm after giving an animated account of a car crash involving a police car.

Courtney witnessed the entire scene and gave a colorful description of what transpired to MS News Now. The video clip has been viewed nearly 7 million times. - Jackson, MS

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The “Soul Flyers” are a reckless bunch.
The last time we heard from the action-sports collective, they were base-jumping off of buildings on the other side of the planet, and the crew went back to the well to produce another 2 minutes and 22 seconds of 100-percent pure adrenaline. 
In their latest, the Soul Flyers drop in over Mont Blanc — the highest peak in all of Europe — at about 33,000 feet, and why are you still reading this? 

Go watch the video.

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