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Monday, 1 June 2015

Dangerous farm workers!

Well kids, we are not the only ones who have strange things happen!

BERLIN (AP) — Police in rural northeastern Germany rushed out to track down a reported mob of up to 15 people armed with knives and sticks. Instead, they found a group of asparagus harvesters.
Police in the town of Ludwigslust said a man called their emergency number Saturday to report having seen "10 to 15 people armed with knives and sticks" on a local road.
Within minutes, six police cars were on their way to the scene. Officers quickly discovered, however, that the group was asparagus harvesters walking along the road with their work tools as they went to take a lunch break.(White asparagus is a popular delicacy in Germany and a ubiquitous sight on restaurant menus in late spring.)


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — An animal control worker in Michigan was convinced he was looking at a young tiger lying in a driveway, so he approached with care. He grabbed a pole and a shield, and called police.
Turns out, it was a stuffed animal.
The Grand Rapids Press reports that Kent County Animal Control received a call Thursday about a tiger in the driveway of a vacant Grand Rapids home.
Supervisor Joe Dainelis  responded to the call, and when he spotted the animal, he grabbed his safety gear. Neighbors also thought the life-sized, furry toy was real.
But when co-worker Rachel Jensen approached from another direction, she realized there was nothing ferocious about the toy feline.
(Dainelis says expects to be teased for a few days.)


Iraq's security forces lost around 2,300 Humvees to ISIS when they retreated from Mosul last year, according to the country's prime minister.
The United States has supplied Iraq with hundreds of millions of dollars in military hardware, including Humvees, and Defense Secretary Ash Carter recently claimed the country's forces "just showed no will to fight" against ISIS.
Humvees — or high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV)— vary in price greatly depending on the specific hardware with which they are fitted.
However, the State Department last year approved the potential sale to Iraq of 1,000 Humvees with increased armor, machine-guns, and grenade launchers for an estimated $579 million, according to a report by AFP.
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Well, hopefully this is the start of getting things back into perspective regarding a teenagers sense of self-entitlement!

"Bus company stands by threatened driver who kicked off Edmonton student!"

School busEDMONTON -- An Edmonton school bus company is standing by a driver who kicked a student off a bus and left him 10 blocks from home.
Cunningham Transport says in a statement that the 13-year-old boy threatened the driver with violence while on the bus last week.
The company says another student, also 13, had slammed his hockey bag into the driver's head when he stepped off the bus a moment earlier.
It says the driver made a mistake by ordering the child off at an unscheduled stop, but his reaction was understandable.
Edmonton Catholic Schools recommended the driver be fired, but the company says it has instead decided to remove the driver from the division's routes.
School division spokeswoman Lori Nagy says the two boys have been suspended from taking the bus for one week because of their bad behaviour.