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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dug Up!

We all grow up digging around in sand boxes
hoping to strike it rich and find some hidden
and valuable ancient treasures.
What we typically find is an
old Matchbox car or a present
left behind by a cat.
Either way, it’s very rare
to find something desirable.
Well, that’s not quite the case with
a young group of boys in California .
They were digging in their yard when
they found something that would
make anyone’s jaw drop and
their mouth start drooling.
These kids were digging in their yard
when they came across something big,
something metal, and something
very very valuable.
A buried Ferrari!

The boys actually discovered
a 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
buried just a few feet under
the dirt in their yard.
The family had just moved into
the house and immediately called
authorities who came and
roped off the area.
A team of investigators arrived and
unearthed the very valuable rare car.

After exhuming the Italian sports car,
it was obvious that someone had planned
on returning to retrieve the vehicle.
It was very crudely mummified with towels
in the vents and tape on many of the seams
however the windows weren’t fully closed
causing a lot of interior damage.

Farmers Insurance was contacted and because
of the VIN number they traced the last owner. After the investigation,
it turns out that the owner of the car had
actually hired thieves to steal the car
and dump it in the ocean so he could
claim insurance on it. The thieves buried
the car with the intention
of returning to pick it up.

The buried Ferrari was then auctioned off
after being on display with the incredible story being reported across the nation.
It was purchased by a young mechanic
who owned his own shop in California .
The going price was estimated to be
between $5,000 and $9,000,
that he paid for the car.

He fully restored the buried Ferrari
and often enters the car into car shows.
Here are the pictures of the car
after the complete restoration.
His initial investment is now
worth in the millions!

Everything on the car has been restored
to the exact factory condition.
However, this car comes with some
incredible history and an awesome story.

The car even has a vanity plate which reads
“DUG UP”. How perfect is that?