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Thursday, 25 June 2015

"I DO!"

Dear Readers:

We have Jewish friends whose son married a Muslim girl, and all told it was a fairly peaceful affair. (After all, this is Canada!)

But, even though there weren't big and obvious differences at THIS wedding, all did not go smoothly!

Four weddings in one, and no funerals.A wedding reception in Berks County, Pa., turned into something resembling a regional police convention when officers from 16 forces turned up to deal with rowdy guests—including the groom, who spent his wedding night in jail. From what police could piece together, the reception at a venue in Ontelaunee Township started to turn ugly when partygoer Mandi Groh punched another woman in the face after she complained about Groh allowing her drunk 14-year-old son to drink beer, WFMZ reports. The brawl grew and, according to a police report, by the time Northern Berks officers turned up, some of the guests were shirtless and bloody, reports the Reading Eagle.
"Several people were trying to be a calming influence in all of this, but at that point, alcohol had taken over," wrote one of the responding officers, who received help from the Fleetwood, Hamburg, Penn State, Berks County, Wyomissing, Bern, Spring, Tilden, Reading, and Muhlenberg forces, among others. The first officers to arrive on the scene had called for all available assistance when the crowd "was getting riled up" and turning on them, the Eagle reports. Four officers were injured and a total of seven people, including groom Nicholas Papoutsis, who allegedly challenged officers to a fight, were arrested. 
Image result for strange WEDDING CLIPARTPolice say the "very upset" bride was treated for alcohol poisoning and dehydration, reports the Eagle. As for that 14-year-old, he blew a 0.16, twice the legal limit for adults. What the wedding venue's owner had to say: "I wish the couple luck in the future because it's not a very good start."
A groom was jailed after a floating wedding reception gone wrong.
A wedding bash on a Pittsburgh boat over the weekend went terribly wrong, ending with the arrests of an off-duty state trooper, a local school board member, and the groom himself, with the bride standing forlornly on the curb as they were taken away. The reported reason for the chaos: Newlywed Mark Williams, 33, allegedly hit on a waitress, touching her side and torso, and tried to pour liquor down her throat—even though she told him she was pregnant, according to a criminal complaint cited by WXPI. The server called her boyfriend from the party, and when the boat pulled up at the dock, he was there waiting to confront Williams.
Image result for BAD WEDDING CLIPARTWhen police arrived at the scene of the fracas, they encountered two men covered in blood, reports CBS Pittsburgh. Also participating in the melee were David Williams—an off-duty trooper and the groom's brother—and Brian Taylor, a member of the wedding party and the local Sto-Rox school board, who police say punched out a car window and screamed he was HIV-positive as they took him into custody. Mark Williams was charged with harassment, rioting, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, while his brother and Taylor were charged with rioting, resisting arrest, and assaulting Pittsburgh police, reports
AND THEN: A huge fight erupted at a New Jersey wedding this weekend, with 300 guests involved in the tussle as police struggled to control the situation. The wedding-hall brawl, which, unsurprisingly, involved booze, began around 10:30pm on Sunday, more than seven hours into the event, the Asbury Park Press reports. It started with a simple fight; a pair of off-duty cops handling security tried to step in, but the fight just got bigger as some 80 people joined in, MyFoxNY reports.
Image result for WEDDING fight CLIPART Before the police, having called in additional law enforcement, finally got a handle on things, hundreds of people were shouting and pushing each other. Eventually, officers from several nearby communities took on the crowd; authorities spent 45 minutes getting people out of the venue in Middletown, NJ. Two people, a 32-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman, were arrested and both charged with disorderly conduct.
How about this one: Jared Lightle didn't need his running shoes to chase a thief. After a renewal of vows ceremony with his wife, Stephanie, Lightle found himself running after one ... in patent leather shoes. 
Image result for WEDDING fight CLIPARTThe groom was loading gifts into his car in the parking lot at the Scottish Rite Temple in Joplin, Mo., on Saturday when his mother announced that a thief had swiped some of his cards from the gift table. The tuxedoed 28-year-old, his brother, and father went after the alleged thief—who Lightle says he saw with wedding cards in his hands. Rubberneckers at a car accident close by helped the wedding party, pointing out the direction the men should go, the Joplin Globe reports.
An officer on the scene joined the chase and caught the suspect—with loot allegedly still in hand—a few blocks away after he fell trying to clear a fence. Rosario Caruso, 31, has been charged with trespassing, larceny, and resisting arrest. "If we hadn’t caught the guy, it would have ended an otherwise perfect celebration on a very bitter note," says the groom, who first married his bride at a Fort Hood, Texas-area courthouse before he was deployed to Afghanistan. Saturday's event was intended to be their traditional wedding
BUT, all was not "doom and gloom!" 
It's one thing to be crammed into the backseat with your siblings whining about who hit who or whether you might be there yet, but one Utah family translated those formative years of squabbling into the biggest and potentially most stressful day of their lives: As KSL reports, five of the Fortney siblings—one brother and four sisters—threw themselves a joint wedding Saturday in Utah.
Image result for multiple wedding"With most families, this would not work," says Grace Fortney Weaver in perhaps the understatement of the century. "Thankfully I have wonderful, wonderful sisters and a wonderful brother. " Says dad Kevin Fortney: "There are few things that can compare to the fullness of joy that you feel when your children are happy." The Fortneys did not go all-in, however: One of the six siblings did not get married over the weekend.

Remember a couple of days ago when  guy sued KFC because he said one of the pieces of chicken he ate was actually a "dead rat!" (It wasn't.)
Well get a load of THIS:

A North Texas man filed a lawsuit against MillerCoors and 7-Eleven Monday, saying he drank a beer that had "a dead rat marinating in it" two years ago.
According to the lawsuit, in August 2013 Marco Antonio Navarro bought a 24-ounce can of Steel Reserve beer from a 7-Eleven store along Highway 356 in Irving.
Image result for rat clipartWhen he got home, Navarro said he cracked open one of the cans and began drinking the beer. He reported he soon felt a "tingle on his lips and noticed the liquid was not flowing out properly," according to the lawsuit.
Navarro's sister said she used her camera phone to take a picture inside the can and realized there was a "dead rat marinating in it."
Image result for rat clipartThe lawsuit filed on Navarro's behalf said he "immediately vomited, then continued to suffer from abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, allergies, and back pain, amongst other pain and injuries."
Navarro received medical treatment totaling more than $49,000, according to the lawsuit, and sought the counsel of a therapist after reporting having trouble eating, drinking and maintaining personal relationships.

(When told his lawsuit had no merit, and was thrown out, all he could say was ............, RATS! )