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Saturday, 13 June 2015

I see the error of my ways!

Hey kids, your ever faithful reporter realizes that I sometimes go off on rants about the Republicans in the States, even though I vote mostly Conservative here in Canada...............!
Just so ya can't say we are biased and have tunnel vision, I am going to present the view from the RIGHT, as told by  Christy Lee Parker.

Social media now makes us more readily aware of our friends’ and families’ opinions, which can cause quite the collision in your friendships. However, it’s important to remember that having friends with a difference of opinion around can provide for an opportunity to learn a little something from one another.
Proving just that, let me present you with a list of things I learned from my friends on the left.
  1. Gender is an arbitrary societal construct, but Hillary must be elected because we need a female president.
  2. Gay marriage and abortion are in the constitution, while the right to bear arms is not.
  3. My opinion as a woman only matters if I’m a Democrat.
  4. A man can never understand a woman’s perspective on abortion, but he can become a woman.
  5. If two people want to get married, it’s none of your business. However, if two consenting adults agree to a wage for services, it is your business how much said wage should be.
  6. You’re too old and too white to run for office … unless you’re a Democrat.
  7. Death penalty for babies is part of women’s rights. Death penalty for sadistic murders is abhorrent.
  8. Global warming is “settled science,” but a fetus is not alive.
  9. Tolerance is a one-way street with liberals deciding the direction.
  10. Christians are out of line for saying homosexuality is a sin, but Muslims throwing homosexuals to their deaths off of buildings are just practicing their peaceful religion.
  11. If you want it, you’re entitled to it.
  12. If I am losing a debate strictly on facts, I can call my opponent a racist or a bigot and the debate is over because I win.
  13. If Christians would just learn to coexist with the peaceful Muslims, they wouldn’t be beheaded… It’s the Christians’ fault because — Crusades!
  14. Gay marriage will have zero impact on you … Now bake a gay wedding cake or get sued for all you have worked for.
  15. The Bible is completely irrelevant and absolutely false … until someone hurts their feelings. Then, God is love, and, “Judge Not.”
  16. Science is king … except for that one lesson in biology regarding identifying sex as male or female. That’s not accurate at all.
  17. Koch brothers = evil corporate interests; George Soros = benevolent donor.
  18. The religion of preference is Islam. The favorite special interest group is the LGBT community… It does not matter that support of the first would result in the eradication of the other.
  19. Gender is fluid; climate is not.
  20. Life begins when they say, and chromosomes don’t matter.
  21. Molesting kids is okay — even poignant and funny — as long as it’s same-sex liberal molestation.
  22. Atheists, who claim God does not exist, believe He will be the end of civilization if we worship Him.
Thanks to my friends on the left, everything is as clear as mud, and I suddenly see the error in my Christian conservative ways.