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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Me Tarzan, You Jane!

A couple of things really bothered me today boys and girls.

First of all that Army General Chief of the Defense Staff Gen. Tom Lawson "got in trouble" for saying “biological wiring” is to blame for sexual harassment in the military, saying the wording he chose was "awkward."

Look folks, was what the General said politically correct?


Was it  even appropriate in today's climate?


Was it factual?


Just the same, when ground control got in touch with Major Tom (Sorry Ziggy) he tried to smooth the waters a bit with this statement:

"My reference to biological attraction being a factor in sexual misconduct was by no means intended to excuse anyone from responsibility for their actions.”

Still, many are unsatisfied with the apology, saying it was not Lawson's wording they objected to; it was the intent of his words, which suggested men can't resist harassing women. (Bullshit! -Ed.)

 Let's face it kids, men are biologically wired to be the hunter gatherers and the "go getters" when it comes to pursuing women and other biological niceties!

And no amount of bitching from the left wingers and the politically correct crowd is going to re-wire us! (You will notice I said "pursuing!" Because that's what we do !)

End of story!

Second: Damn, I forgot what the second thing was because I got so wound up about the first!