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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Am I the only one who has trouble with these arrogant banks?

OK kids, it's time to get serious for a few minutes.

My complaint is with the Royal Bank of Canada!

They are not just content with making BILLIONS of dollars every year, but treat their customers with outright disdain, and even contempt at times. (I used to have an account at RBC, but cancelled it years ago because of their attitude and policies!)

Last month I wanted to send my daughter a hundred dollars for her birthday so I went to the local RBC branch and gave the woman behind the counter a $100 bill, and asked her to put it in my daughters account. (I had her account  # with me, written on a piece of paper.)

She then asked me for I.D. and I said to her that I had left my wallet at home ..., but there shouldn't be a problem since, after all, I was "putting money IN, not taking it OUT!"


We got into a big argument over this and I was told that this was a new banking law.., which was an outright lie! (It might have been a new bank policy, but it certainly wasn't the law of the land!)

The next case is even stranger!

A few days ago I was in Sarnia visiting my 90 year old mother and she asked me to go and pay some bills for her, and she gave me a cheque for a thousand dollars to cover it. (There was a car repair, and a few other items I was to look after.)

Now before we go any further I should mention that I had the following problem once before this, so I was on the defensive to begin with!

I went to the cashier at her bank and gave her the cheque, and my two pieces of photo I.D. ........and asked her for the cash!!!!!

She then asked for my bank card, and when I said I didn't deal with Royal Bank, instead of phoning my mom to confirm the cheque, she scurried off to get the manager!

( I have to say at this point that my bank account is with BMO in LONDON, and if I tried to cash the cheque at a local Sarnia branch they would put a hold on it for five days, since they didn't know me!)

The manager himself was a bit of a dip-shit, and when I told him I had this problem before he got very defensive and said it was bank policy that they wouldn't cash a cheque for me unless I had an account at RBC  too!

At this point I phoned my mother and told her that the manager wouldn't cash her cheque, so instead blasting the guy, (she didn't want to cause any trouble) she said to him, "well, if that's the bank policy, I guess my son will have to go to his own bank!"

Changing tactics, I told the bank manager: "O.K. I would like to certify this cheque!" (Which I could then take to a local branch of my bank)

Once more, he explained to me that because I didn't deal with RBC he couldn't certify the the cheque either.

With no other options I had to go back to my 90 year old mother, have her get dressed, and drive her to the bank so she could take the money out in person!!!!

What kind of service is that, I ask you?

The hubris of this Bank is almost beyond belief!


Got THIS in the mail today: Monday June 8/2015

Dear Mr. Janssen:

Thank you for your correspondence dated June 7th regarding your complaint with RBC.

The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) is Canada’s independent, impartial, and non-profit dispute resolution service for banking and investment complaints.

We regret to inform you that RBC’s banking division is not a participating firm of OBSI.

We suggest that you contact ADR Chambers, the service provider engaged by RBC to handle banking complaints that could not be resolved with RBC directly. They can be reached at:

ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office
P.O. Box 1006
112 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 1K9

Tel: 1-800-941-3655
Fax: 1-877-803-5127


Thank you again for contacting OBSI. We regret that we are unable to assist you further in this matter.


OBSI Consumer Assistance
Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments
T: 416.287.2877 / 1.888.451.4519
F: 416.225.4722 / 1.888.422.2865