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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday Morning Confusion # 50

And now for something completely different!


Police say a Pennsylvania robbery suspect has diversified his criminal portfolio by exposing himself to a shop owner before taking cash and a women's outfit from a clothing store.
Richland Township police Detective Kevin Gaudlip says Tuesday's heist at the King and Queen Shoppe near Johnstown "was more than just your typical robbery."
Police say the man walked into the store and exposed himself. The befuddled store owner nonetheless helped him look for women's clothing, but when she tried to ring up the transaction, he pushed her and demanded money.
Police say the man took a large skirt and a purple lace-trimmed blazer. They believe the items might have been intended as a gift.
If so, they're hoping the recipient or anyone else who knows the man will call police.


Hey kids, not only is this story FALSE, (obviously) but it also qualifies this woman as our "Asshole of the Day!"

Here is the story in question with the person in question being that a girl (claiming she’s a virgin) is claiming a pig raped her one night (ripped her pants off & easily bc she wasn’t wearing panties) impregnating her with a baby pig. She (of course) is refusing a sonogram to find out if in deed there is a “pig baby” in her belly. 
She says she feels it will come out looking human instead of a mutant pig. She’s claiming no other way possible for her to be pregnant for she’s never been sexually active. Her parents are backing her 100% saying she has promised she’s never been with a boy. I find this story repulsive honestly. The mere story is enough to make you sick to your stomach!!

 Dear Readers: I read this headline this morning and it almost made me choke!

The reason for this is because I have done business with people from Middle-East cultures for many years now, and I have found there to be a lot of truth to the saying: "The bigger the smile, the bigger the dagger in your back!"

Now why would I make a statement like this that is obviously insulting, cruel, and perhaps even defamatory? (Some left wing nuts would even call it racist, and perhaps term it "hate speech!")

Well, to tell the truth, that's what I thought when I saw this headline about efforts to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions!

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks at the New York University (NYU) Center on International Cooperation in New York April 29, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson"Iran says nuclear deal within reach if other side is reasonable!" (Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks at the New York University (NYU) Center on International Cooperation in New York.)

I rest my case!!!! 


"Are you familiar with algebra?"

"No, hum a few bars!"

That's not as funny as it seems bunky.

For the past 50 years, Denny Gulick has been a math professor at the University of Maryland, and he has found many correlations between math and classical music.
"The connection is that — to my way of thinking, and I have thought about this for decades — there are patterns [in music], especially with Johann Sebastian Bach," Gulick said. "There are a lot of patterns, and mathematics has a lot of patterns. … In fact, mathematics is really about patterns."
Image result for mozartDoes music help math, or does math help music?
Musicians and scientists alike have attempted to find whether a person's musical talents benefit other aspects of that individual's life, such as the ability to focus. Though scientists have not precisely determined how, or if, music education and performance give a person increased skills in areas like math and science, researchers do know that musicians have some increased cognitive abilities.
Image result for einsteinAnita Collins, a professor at the University of Canberra specializing in neuroscience and music, said that music education makes any human being operate more effectively from a cognitive perspective, which means "the brains of musicians can learn faster, excel at more complex topics and think creatively about problems." Collins emphasized that musicians are more perceptive than others when they are listening to classical music, observing the nuances and intricacies involved with the repertoire. (You can see a TEDEd talk with Collins for more on the subject.)
"They process the music into understanding just like a nonmusician," said Collins. "But music education helps to refine that skill, [giving] descriptions and words to what we are hearing."


Here's a headline that makes a whole lot of sense folks!

"Python Eats Porcupine, But Regrets It Later!"

Yup, makes sense to me!


Sources say Chris Pine has scored about $6 million as he and Zachary Quinto have granted an option for a fourth installment of the rebooted franchise as Paramount renegotiated their deals.The third installment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise boldly heads into production this week in Vancouver, and its cast is getting a big pay raise. At the same time, the studio behind Star Trek Beyond quietly has locked up two key players for a potential fourth installment.
Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Paramount and producer-financier Skydance Entertainment recently completed last-minute renegotiations with the Star Trek stars, a move that has added as much as $10 million to $15 million to the budget. The project’s slow development process may have been partly to blame, as well as the rising star power of the actors, especially Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana