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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sticky fingered little bastards!

Dear Readers:

Today there was some stuff in our local paper, the London Free Press, that caught my attention ............, and sent me off on a rant.

The first was about a variety store next to Saunders Secondary School that was posting pictures of various high school students who were stealing stuff from the store.

These little apprentice criminals had their picture put on a bulletin board for all to see, and this didn't sit too well with some of the more left wing, politicall correct crowd!
Shell station near Westmount Shopping Centre is putting up images of young shoplifting suspects doesn’t sit well with some. (AZZURA LALANI, The London Free Press)“How can we possibly justify making them (young people) ­vulnerable if we suspect them of a crime,” asked Jacquie Burkell, the assistant dean of media and information studies at Western University. She questions whether minors who haven’t had the benefit of due process, whose names would be protected under the youth justice law even if they were convicted, should be subjected to such a public outing.

Store manager Hanny Fitrisia said she’s called police, but that doesn’t help if the thieves are minors. She said it’s not the station’s goal to punish the kids, but to get them to learn. “We don’t expect too much. We just want (the students) to know that we are watching,” she said.



Next are the Letters to the Editor! I don't normally get too excited about these, but for some reason they hit a nerve today!

1. LFP prints all over that headline.

When I saw the headline, PM’s prints all over it (June 5), I thought, “Of what heinous crime has Prime Minister Stephen Harper been accused?”
Then I read the story, which outlines the measures Harper is proposing to detect and protect Canadian citizens against terrorists entering our country.
Is The London Free Press sinking to the level of supermarket tabloids to sensationalize its reporting, or is it so biased it is trying to hurt Harper’s reputation? Perhaps it was merely carelessness.
Pretty despicable headline, LFP.
E.R. Dow

2. Time to stop excluding women
Regarding the column by Anthony Furey, Sexist remarks elicit different responses ( June 5) It was disturbing to read that when his boys’ team was losing, the coach from the ISNA Islamic secondary school threatened to forfeit the game if the two girls on the opposing boys’ team continued to play. Even more disturbing, his demand was met. Most disturbing was the laughable statement by the Islamic Society of North America that they did not intend to exclude female participation.
By caving in to these demands, we continue to chip away at our freedoms and equality. When is it going to stop? From what are women going to be excluded next?
Rita Aalbers

3. I wasn't sure if this one was about the auto industry, farmers, politicians, businessmen or Senators:  Auto industry and the animal farm.
John Powell’s smear of unions in his letter to the editor, Auto industry woes tied to unions (June 10) totally ignores the elephant in the room. He chastises efforts by various parties to improve the auto industry and blurs the whole scene with one swipe of his all-knowing, but shamefully dishonest brush.
It is no accident to be sure that he makes no mention of the farmer’s gluttony in his closing analogy about the fox in the hen house.
The validity of an old children’s song with its “oink oink here and oink oink there” never enters his mind. Fortunately other more fair-minded folks can see the greed-driven pigs at the trough, both privately and, of late, more publicly. Sharing, a well-respected notion fostered on Sundays, somehow is considered evil by the corporate, well-heeled world.
Powell’s efforts to cover for some pigs that are more equal than others are quite transparent .
Walt Cherwaty

4. How much to disclose $1M in waste?
It’s bad enough we are being taken advantage of by the privileged ones in the Senate. Now I read, in the article Misuse hits $1M in 2 years (June 10) that Auditor General Michael Ferguson’s report on Senate spending cost us $23.5 million.While putting the thumb on the elitists of the Senate for $992,000, we pay $23.5 million to a bunch of government-appointed accountants!
While they have their hands deep in our pockets, why not audit the auditors so they can clean us completely out?
Jim Paddon

5.Not wise to mock our God.
Regarding Joe Belanger’s review of Mike Delamont’s Fringe Festival show Drag Queen 2 delivers gems (June 5). It is amazing anyone can think making a mockery of our God is in any way funny. This would include not only Delamont, but his audience who, according to Belanger, found this entertaining.
Ron Sparks



Image result for turtle clipartAnd Finally: Owner Bradley Clark tells The Grand Rapids Press that he got a call from someone who said that his tortoise was munching on flowers yesterday, 7 miles from his home in Kent County's Ada Township.

The female African tortoise disappeared Sunday from Clark's yard in Plainfield Township, near Grand Rapids, and police believe someone "turtle-napped" the  "tortoise"  and put it there, since it couldn't have made it that far on its own! (No ransom note was ever found! -Ed.)