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Monday, June 22, 2015

The wife wants HALF! (So she got it!)

Dear Readers: I can't decide if this guy is out "Asshole of the Day," perhaps a "Loser of the Day," or maybe even our "Winner of the Day."

We will let you decide!

There's not taking the breakup well, and then there's this:

A man in Germany who has split with his wife sawed their possessions in half and is now selling them on eBay.
He even documented the actual sawing in a YouTube video that has more than 3 million views. The stuff he cut in half ranges from the big (a car and a couch) to the small (a smartphone and a teddy bear).
And each has a bitter product description.
On that teddy bear, for instance, with a translation from "Although she doesn’t need a stuffed animal to snuggle, there are affectionate fellow workers for that.”
The top bid on the bear was $102.

Read more:
As far as your long suffering reporter is concerned folks, there are news stories ....., and the there are NEWS stories!

Here's the headline from one of the later.

"CDC reminds everyone not to pee in the pool."

That's right kids, it's a slow week for the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, so they're going to great lengths to keep themselves relevant!

In an effort to reduce swimming pool-based communicable diseases, the CDC discussed pool safety and hygiene as a part of their Healthy Water program at the start of the summer swimming season.

A number of articles quoted one particular CDC official on the cause of eye, skin, and respiratory irritation associated with pool swimming, which Michael J. Beach, Ph.D., said was not exactly the fault of chlorine:
One of the most shocking revelations the CDC shared was the truth behind what causes your eyes to become red and irritated after swimming in the pool. And it’s not the chlorine.
“It’s quite the opposite,” said Beach. “Chlorine binds with all the things it’s trying to kill from your bodies, and it forms these chemical irritants. That’s what’s stinging your eyes. It’s the chlorine binding to the urine and the sweat.”
Beach’s remarks circulated in June 2015 after the publication of an article in Women’s Health in which he was quoted at length.

YES, boys and girls, there is a major problem with sexual assaults on women in this country, and many others.
That's a door that swings both ways, bunky! For every sexual assault, I would bet there is one case of false accusations as well!

But as this case proves, how do ya know who to believe?

 An Alberta sheriff has launched a $4-million lawsuit against a woman who was convicted of assaulting him during a traffic stop two years ago.
Sgt. Robert Behiels's lawsuit claims dentist Simona Tibu, who he pulled over for speeding, falsely accused him of assault and sexual assault online and in the media.  
Sgt. Robert Behiels's lawsuit claims dentist Simona Tibu, who he pulled over for speeding, falsely accused him of assault and sexual assault online and in the media. (CBC) 

In his statement of claim, Sgt. Robert Behiels alleges he has suffered a damaged reputation and loss of income and has been the victim of ridicule since he stopped Simona Tibu for speeding near Camrose in 2013.
Once removed from the car, Tibu struggled with the officer, screamed for help and tried to get away. The incident was captured on Behiels's dashcam.

Tibu, a dentist in Camrose, was convicted in April of assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest. Earlier this week, she was given a one-year suspended sentence and was ordered to have no contact with Behiels or to come within 10 blocks of his home.
Simona Tibu
Simona Tibu speaks to CBC reporter Janice Johnston following her sentencing hearing Wednesday. The claims against her have not been tested in court, nor has she yet filed a statement of defence. (CBC)
Behiels's lawsuit accuses Tibu of defamation, alleging she falsely accused him of physical and sexual assault both in a complaint to the Law Enforcement and Oversight Branch of Alberta's Justice Ministry and in interviews with media organizations.
The lawsuit alleges that Tibu posted on Facebook under another name, writing that the officer attacked her because she spoke with a heavy accent and he thought she was an immigrant.
The lawsuit also alleges that Tibu made numerous visits to Behiels's workplace and repeated her accusations in front of coworkers.
None of the claims in the lawsuit have been tested in court, and Tibu has not yet filed a statement of defence.
According to the lawsuit, Tibu allegedly filed requests for meritless restraining orders in an attempt to harm Behiels's reputation.
The lawsuit also alleges she provided false information that led to the sheriff being charged for assault and sexual assault — charges that were terminated by a judge before the case went to trial.
Behiels claims he suffered "personal embarrassment and humiliation" and had to pay to defend himself in court. As a result of the complaints, he was placed on desk duty and lost both income and potential promotion opportunities, his lawsuit says.
The court action asks for $1 million in punitive damages, calling Tibu's behaviour "malicious, high-handed, callous and arrogant."


Then there is THIS:

A police dashcam video obtained exclusively by CBC News shows the arrest of a Camrose dentist accused of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest during a traffic stop. (NOW HERE'S ONE OF THE STRANGE THINGS KIDS, THIS VIDEO IS SUDDENLY NOT AVAILABLE!)

Simona Tibu, 40, was charged with assaulting a peace officer in 2013, but later told a court that she was the true victim — saying the altercation left her fearing for her life.
The video was released after a lengthy legal battle.
Tibu was driving from Camrose to Edmonton in August 2013 when she was stopped by a sheriff for speeding.
The video, which has no sound, shows the officer speaking to Tibu through the driver’s side window. He eventually opens the door and motions for Tibu to exit.

Tibu'He pulled me out from a safe place – my car – to a dangerous place – the traffic. I felt my life was not safe,' said Tibu. (Dave Bajer/CBC )
​The encounter escalates quickly from there. Once Tibu stands up, the sheriff pulls a cellphone from her hand and the two struggle. The officer forces her arms behind her back before reaching inside his jacket for his handcuffs.
At some point, Tibu appears to pull away from the officer, who grabs her by the wrists and swings her out toward the highway before slamming her against the car twice. Tibu is seen yelling as the handcuffs are put on.
The video runs a total of 10 minutes before Tibu is forced to the ground and off camera. She was later taken away in an ambulance.
The video was shown in court in October 2014 during a voir dire — a trial within a trial used to resolve legal issues. Tibu has applied for the charges to be stayed. She testified that she had a panic attack during the arrest and thought her life was in danger.
"He pulled me out from a safe place — my car — to a dangerous place — the traffic. I felt my life was not safe," she testified.
She told the court that she suffered a back injury and was left bleeding after the arrest. She said another officer arrived, but didn't do anything about her injuries.
Tibu said she was left traumatized by the arrest.

Witness says force was excessive!

Jim Fredericksen, a volunteer firefighter who was driving by the scene, told court Tibu was screaming "help me" during the arrest.
Fredericksen stopped and called 911 at the sheriff’s request. He testified that he did not see the officer strike or punch TIbu, but he told the dispatcher that he thought the force was excessive.
"Now he's getting really violent with her," he said during the 911 call.
Fredericksen also told court that Tibu appeared to almost run out into traffic.
"If she had slipped away and ran across that road, she could have become a fatality."
The video was released following a CBC request to make the recording public. The judge initially denied the request, but the video was released after an appeal.
The voir dire is set to resume Jan. 21, when the officer is expected to give his account of the incident.

An Alberta woman whose bizarre reaction during a traffic stop was caught on a dashcam video will not go to jail despite convictions for assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest.
Simona Tibu, 42, received a one-year suspended sentence Wednesday and was ordered to obey a list of conditions including having no contact with the arresting officer Sgt. Robert Behiels and his family, or go within a 10-block radius of his home.
Should she follow the conditions, she would be not be sentenced on the offences.
Sgt. Robert Behiels said the case has weighed heavily on him and his family. (CBC)
Judge Gordon Yake called Tibu's accusations that Behiels tried to sexually assault her "despicable" and "untrue."
He noted she has never apologized for her "bizarre behaviour," and for endangering Behiels' life.
Sgt. Robert Behiels"This offender has been the subject of significant publicity, some of it generated by herself. This is the factor that causes me the most concern," he said.
"I find it requires the offender has a public record of conviction," he said, rejecting the defence's request for a conditional discharge.
Following the hearing, Behiels said the case has weighed heavily on him and his family for almost two years.
"I think it was a just decision," he said. "What Ms. Tibu did, she brought on herself."

Tried biting officer; grabbed at his groin

In August 2013 Tibu was stopped for speeding on Highway 21 near Camrose.
For more than eight minutes, she tried persistently to escape from the sheriff by biting him and grabbing his groin, Camrose provincial court heard Wednesday.
Yake noted Tibu had no prior criminal record and appeared to be a good person prior to the incident.
Doug Taylor
Crown prosecutor Doug Taylor said the lack of respect shown law enforcement officers "should be alarming to anyone." (CBC)
Tibu has been licensed to practice as a dentist in Canada in 2006.
She has a history of psychological and emotional difficulties starting as early as 2010, the court was told.
While she is not diagnosed with any mental health disorder, a forensic psychologist reported her medical files reveal problems with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
The report puts her at a low risk for future violence, provided she continues to address her issues with "continued psychological intervention."
Crown prosecutor Doug Taylor called the case the "least appropriate ... ever for a discharge," noting Tibu has shown no remorse nor has she apologized to Behiels and is even appealing the speeding ticket.
"This case is a sad representation of a very protracted lack of respect for law enforcement," he said following the sentencing hearing.
"We're seeing this more and more," he said as he pointed to two recent murders of law enforcement officers in the Edmonton area, RCMP Const. David Wynn and EPS Const. Daniel Woodall. "This should be alarming to anyone."
Nonetheless Taylor praised the judge's decision.
"I think the judge gave a very fit, proper and above fair sentence in this case."