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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The PC crowd strikes again.

Well kids, the P.C. crowd struck again!

First read this headline:

Bob Costas Makes a Weird, Racist, Un-Funny Comment About Cubs Pitcher!

Next, get a load of the article from Whizzbangblog.

We have no use for Bob Costas, so this fell right into our wheelhouse. Costas is a clone of Keith Olberman a sportscaster with totally loony political opinions. For starters, he’s got a history of ranting about gun control and the “offensive” Redskins team name.
This episode, with Pedro Strop, falls right in there. The man is off his meds.
Strop was pulled in the eighth inning of a game with the Cardinals after he allowed a game-tying homer to the Cardinals’ Greg Garcia, hit Kolten Wong with a pitch, got a flyout from Matt Carpenter and then walked Jhonny Peralta.
Not a good night, but he’s not the first pitcher to have a bad night. As Strop walked off the field Costas dropped this little bomb.

Just to make sure you didn’t miss it, Costas said, “We can only ask, or wonder, that he is asking some departed relative for forgiveness for this atrocious performance.”


What’s Costas implying? Maybe that Strop is into some sort of “ancestor worship”? We’ll never know, and we really don’t care, but Costas had to have been either off – or really on – some meds. Or some crack. The Twitter brigade was quick to call him on it.

Well here ya go bunky, although I don't find it particularly amusing, I don't see anything weird or racist at all!

I guess it all depends on where your moral compass points! 

This guy has his pointing towards a looney bin!