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Thursday, July 9, 2015


Dear Readers: You might remember we did an article about conspiracy theories a week or two ago and your ever helpful reporter said they were all just a bunch of crap that people with a few lose gears have come up with. (Either that, or these nuts have jumped their chain.)


We got this rebuttal from a certain

I am sick and tired of all the bs. there is overwhelming proof aliens are here but instead of putting together teams of scientists to investigate these all these claims and evidence they wright articles and do TV shows giving the weirdest bs to debunk it instead. in the last few years thousands of scientists have been murdered and 74 of them that worked for nasa alone. one of the greatest events in history the citizens hearing on disclosure was blacked out by ALL media, even our government jammed any and all signals coming from it. there were hundreds of witnesses many first hand who have seen them and there craft. free energy, anti-gravity is a fact but any who come out with it is murdered. humanities wants to explore the cosmos but the moon is only two days away with are ancient fire cracker engines the public sees but we have not been back in what?? 50- 60 years. even a second grader can see threw that one. how do you know what is true look at what the criminally controlled media riddicles the most, aliens. theres even pictures of bases on the moon and mars but they are smeared on the pictures. I could fill a book store with proof. we are now seeing an evil on a massive scale unknown in history. ALL food,air, water and more is poisonous. all animal life is dying out by the millions. teams of scientists have discovered very, very high technano-bots in vaccines, air water and more meant to mind control- all fact. you would think scientists everywhere would by falling over to investigate but nnoo. hundreds of whistle-blowers have came out with first hand knowledge. I guess its true, humanity has been dumned down as stupid as a box of rocks. I wont mention the over 1000,000 people who disappear every year or proof of satanic sacrificial rituals by many including well thousands even millions.

Oh, and by the way, I also got a few letters asking why I ran away and joined the circus when I was young ........., see for yourself!