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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I got it on tape for ya!

Forget about the Internet revolution kids.

Your inquisitive reporter just read a report that says the average car on the road in North America is now about 11 years old, so forget about self driving cars anytime soon folks.

A big percentage of them still have tape decks!


 Looks like they probably found a piece of wreckage from that missing Malaysian airliner that crashed in March, 2014.

Now all they have to do is back-track wind and ocean currents over the past 15 months.

Good luck with that bunky!


Image result for confederate and tea party flagsThere's a movement afoot to ban the Confederate flag in Canada.

Seems appropriate since it wasn't our war to begin with, and it was all about freeing the slaves in the Southern States!

(On a side note there is a rumour circulating that Obama wants to ban the Tea Party Flag too!)



Not all African people of short stature — often referred to as Pygmies — grow alike, a new study finds. The Baka people of West Africa are born at typical sizes but grow much more slowly during their first two years of life than non-Pygmies do, the researchers said.
Baka child getting height measuredHowever, other African Pygmy tribes grow differently: In East Africa, the Sua and Efe peoples give birth to smaller-than-average babies. These different growth processes are an example of convergent evolution, in which two groups reach the same result — short stature — in different ways, said the study's lead author, Fernando Ramirez Rozzi, a researcher of evolutionary biology at the French National Center for Scientific Research in Paris.
The findings also suggest that being short is advantageous in the African rainforest where Pygmies live, he said. For instance, smaller people tend to require fewer calories and likely don't get as hot as larger people do when navigating the rainforest, because small bodies generate less heat, he added. [The Awa: Faces of a Threatened Tribe (Photos)]


Now that the Pan Am Games are over there is a lot of talk in T.O. about applying for the 2024 Olympics or the 2025 world Expo.

DON'T BE SUCH A BUNCH OF PUSSIES BOYS AND GIRLS ......., GO FOR BOTH OF 'EM! (If ya really want to be seen as a "World Class City," then don't be afraid to step up to the plate!)


Well they like to do things big out on the Prairies so this isn't all that surprising: The massive tornado that roared across the Canadian province of Manitoba late Monday was on the ground for nearly 3 hours — likely one of the longest-lasting on record in Canada and perhaps the world.

Fortunately no injuries or deaths were reported.