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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Let's hear it for "Bernie Beer!"

Dear Readers:

Even though I vote Conservative here in Canada I usually side with the Democrats in the States because the Republicans are so damned crazy down there! (Tea Party, white trash, the 1%, religious nuts, etc.)


The land of the free and home of the brave is doing things in a typical American style, they're putting Bernie Sanders on the bottom of beer cans!

As the presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders attracts more and more interest from around the country, it’s also inspiring a surge of support in surprising ways. Those include pro-Sanders displays on the bottoms of beer cans and on the sides of purses.
At the Burlington Beer Company in Williston, Vermont, brew master Joe Lemnah recently printed a message saying #FeelTheBern, a reference to Sanders, on the bottoms of cans of his Light in the Window IPA.
“It’s kind of like a little Easter egg, if you will,” Lemnah said, describing how a beer drinker may discover the slogan on the bottom of a can. “Politics and religion were always the things you don’t do with business, but I feel like those days are changing a little bit; where it’s safer to show how you actually feel.”
The support from the craft beer producer, who said he admires how Sanders has long championed agricultural concerns, comes as the candidate is drawing huge crowds at rallies nationwide. In those appearances, Sanders often decries what he calls the outrage of income inequality, and pushes for a political revolution to strengthen the working class.



Boy have we got an "Asshole of the day" for ya today kids: THE ENTIRE CITY OF CORNWALL!

Ten-year-old Kristopher Cadieux and his eight-year-old brother, Clayton, knew they'd have to get their hands dirty if they wanted to make some money this summer.
But the boys didn't realize that their successful worm-selling business could land them in trouble with the city of Cornwall, Ont.
The brothers launched their worm business at the beginning of summer. Through the first half of the season, they dug up and sold more than 1,200 of the critters, earning $250 in sales.
Brothers sell wormsBut the business, which the boys ran from their front porch, came to a halt when they arrived home one day to a notice from the city, saying the sales violated local bylaws.
The boys learned the art of worm-picking from their father, Robert Cadieux, who taught his sons how to gather the critters from the ground without damaging them.
"I showed them how to pick worms like I used to do when I was a kid. I taught them how not to break the worms," he told CTV Ottawa.
After collecting the worms, the brothers packaged them by the dozen and set them out in a cooler on the porch, along with a note reading:
"To our customers, Please help yourself to worms. They are $2.50/dozen. Please leave money in cooler."
Worms for sale sign
Kristopher and Clayton also propped a sign up on the lawn, promoting the sale. The boys' parents own a sign-making company, and helped supply the advertisement.
According to Ken Bedford, a supervisor at the city's planning division, the sign was part of the problem.
"Two issues right now are the signage – there were a couple of signs outside—and the activity was actually taking place outside on the lawn," Bedford said. "They need to bring (the sales) back into the house, in a limited area of the house, as well as curb the signage."
Worm business
The boys have moved their transactions indoors since being warned about the bylaw, but say they miss the old way of doing business.
"(I'm) pretty sad because we were making a lot of money and I liked getting the money and I liked meeting new people and we talked to all our customers when they came," Kristopher said.
The Cadieux family says a bylaw officer told them that this isn't the first time the city has shuttered a child's sidewalk business. According to the family, the officer said two girls also had to shut down their lemonade stand recently.


At times we think that all Muslims want to take us back to the "Dark Ages" because they don't like the way things are going now ....!


This just proves that it takes all types to make the world go round!

KITCHENER, Ont. -- Three Ontario sisters, who say they were cycling topless when a police officer told them to cover up are organizing a Bare With Us rally to help raise awareness about women's rights.
Alysha Brilla, (Alysha Mohamed) a Juno-nominated musician and women's rights advocate, says the incident happened last Friday when she and her two sisters were riding their bicycles late in the evening down a quiet street in Kitchener Ont.
That's when she says a police officer in an SUV rolled down his window and told them they needed to put shirts on because it was the law.
But Brilla says that when she started filming the interaction on her cellphone, the officer said he had only wanted to check if the women had proper bells and lights on their bicycles.

The sisters are filing a formal complaint with the Waterloo Regional Police, but Brilla says she only wants an apology and to ensure officers are informed about Ontario women's rights to go topless in public.
The Waterloo Regional Police did not respond to a request for comment.
A similar incident in June garnered headlines after eight-year-old Marlee McLean was told by city staff in Guelph, Ont. to cover up while she was in a wading pool wearing only a swim bottom.
The Kitchener sisters say they hope the Bare With Us rally, scheduled for Saturday at noon in the Waterloo Town Square, will help educate the public on women's rights to be topless, but also broader issues such as women's pay inequity and safety.
 Alysha Brilla poses on the red carpet during the 2015 Juno Awards in Hamilton, Ont., on Sunday, March 15, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Peter Power 
  Alysha Brilla poses on the red carpet during the 2015 Juno Awards in Hamilton, Ont., on Sunday, March 15, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Peter Power

(Anyone who wants to keep abreast [sic] of this story is urged to attend! -Ed.)

  • "The need for clothes was also important as humans spread out from Africa to Asia, Europe... etc, where the climate wasn't as warm.
    Since then it has got warmer, but it still gets cold in winter and society has adapted so that it is now seen as necessary to wear clothes."


    the issue is not the law, which is aimed at equality with your body, which, by the way, you will never have because you are female and will always be sexualized, but the issue is modesty, or more importantly, the lack thereof.


    wth are you talking about? Like should we all go buy a burka?


    What is wrong with people - women in particular - that they don't honour the sanctity of their bodies and pretend that they're not just exhibitionists attracting male attention. Go to a nudist beach but this is not acceptable.


    So advocate for women to be in burkas?


    It's perfectly legal - not that I will partake of this activity anytime soon.


    It's the's called equal rights. There are many men whose manboobs are bigger than a women's breast so why aren't THEY told to cover up?

    A Juno award winner? Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.