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Friday, 17 July 2015

Is God Dead?

The way I see it, there are two extremes in this whole debate.

On the one hand this whole Universe is the product of dumb luck and blind chance, and there is a possibility that our planet is the only one in existence that has life on it! (Whether it's intelligent life, or not, is a matter that's open for discussion!)

That means that everything else is an incredible waste of space.

And how do we justify being the only people in the Universe .............., well the fact that we're here to contemplate this amazing co-incidence is proof enough, since if we weren't here, then we wouldn't be thinking about it now would we!!!

Sorry, the odds for this are much too small, and I don't believe in co-incidences anyway.

The other end of the argument says that God made everything just like it says in the Bible, the Torah and the Koran, QumranQueeran, Qur'an.


Apparently, on the one hand, pure chance of us popping up out of nowhere is too much of a co-incidence to be believable, and on the other hand ya have to be a retard or crazy to believe in the literal truth of this religious stuff!

Maybe the answer is somewhere in between kids!

That's why ya might want to have a look at my book "A Brief History of Western Religion, or, The Plain Truth About God!"

You will find it H E R E 


  Real Jesus photograph

Interviewer: Firstly, Jesus, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.

Jesus: No probs.

Interviewer: I guess the question on everybody's mind is "Why did you do it?"

Jesus: Do what?

Interviewer: Die for mankind so that we might be forgiven of our sins.

Jesus: What?

Interviewer: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Jesus: I died?

Interviewer: Uhm, yes.

Jesus: You can see me, right?

Interviewer: Yes...

Jesus: And you say I died?

Interviewer: Yes, and on the third day you were raised from the grave.

Jesus: Is this another one of those things in my "Word"?

Interviewer: Yes, look...

Jesus [speed reading]: Man, this is crazy.  Look, they don't even agree on the details.

Interviewer: The accounts can be reconciled.

Jesus: Reconcile all you want.  It never happened.

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Jesus: Let's see: God, i.e. me, gave His only son, i.e. me, to die. And then He, i.e. me, magically enabled me, i.e. me, to rise from the dead. All so that your bad shit could be forgiven by Him, i.e. me?

Interviewer: Yes.

Jesus: Why didn't He, i.e. me just forgive you?  That's what I would have done. What's with the creepy death and resurrection stuff?

Interviewer: Ahhh?

Jesus: Don't  you have any fun questions?

[interview aborted]