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Friday, 3 July 2015

KFC - Kentucky Fried Cat?

Dear Readers:

Every once in a while some article on "" catches my attention and tickles that funny bone we talked about in the last post. 

This is one of them!

NEWS:   KFC engaged in some humorous banter with customers following a recent (disproved) claim that one of the chain’s stores served a battered, fried rat.

In June 2015, an ancient urban legend (involving an unwitting KFC customer discovering a batter-fried rat in his meal) was resurrected after a man named Devorise Dixon shared photographs via social media of an unusually shaped KFC Chicken Tender that he claimed was actually a cooked rodent:
Testing later proved the claim false, and it seems KFC isn’t taking the rumor all that seriously. On 1 July 2015, Facebook user Davis Passfield published the photograph seen above to chicken chain’s Facebook page, along with the following comment:
Hey KFC, long time customer. I’ve heard about the decline in your quality for a while now and people finding suspect meats in their meals
You’ll imagine my disappointment then when I got home to eat my meal and it turned out there was a LIVE CAT inside the box instead of any chicken! Could you kindly explain to me how this could possibly happen?!?
Awaiting your response and full compensations. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE
In a response posted to KFC’s Facebook page, a company representative quipped back:
Hey Davis — you’d have to ask the cat for a clear explanation — maybe they were just feline a bit hungry for some KFC – who can blame them? You’d have to be kitten meow if you think it’s not a purrfect match. Cheers.
The rumor referenced by KFC and their fan has been far from the only urban legend widely circulated about the chain. Others rumors have claimed that the brand breeds mutant chickens (purportedly necessitating they drop the moniker “Kentucky Fried Chicken”), that KFC restaurants will be selling marijuana, and that an elderly woman was ejected from a KFC outlet for breastfeeding her middle-aged son there.

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