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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Paula called the kettle black again kids!!!!

The headline said: Deen's shocking photo!

"Paula Deen Posts Photo of Her Son in Brownface.'

That's right folks, we are going to make the guy who reported this story, and Yahoo news,  our "Assholes of the Year!" 


Two years after accusations of racism nearly tore down her empire, Paula Deen (and her team) appear to have learned exactly nothing.

Two years after accusations of racism nearly tore down her empire, Paula Deen posted a photo of her son in brownface on Twitter
Tuesday morning, the deep-fried dogmatist posted a  photo on Twitter, featuring herself as I Love Lucy's Lucy, her former producer Gordon Elliott, and her son Bobby Deen — in brownface — as Ricky. The tweet, which read "Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin' to do,"  has since been deleted, but not before it was saved, well, everywhere. (For the record, the photo itself is not a new one: it's actually from the 2011 Halloween episode of her Food Network show, Paula's Best Dishes. Then again, it was no less racist then.)

Yahoo reached out to Deen's representation for comment. Her publicist Jaret Keller declined to provide a response on the record. 
Bobby Deen and Paula Deen (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
However, her reps later issued a statement to People, blaming a Deen employee for the post. "Paula Deen's Social Media Manager posted a picture this morning of Paula and Bobby Deen dressed in costume as Lucy and Ricky, from I Love Lucy. This photograph is from a Halloween episode of Paula's Best Dishes that aired in 2011. Paula immediately had this picture taken down as soon as she saw the post and apologizes to all who were offended. As such, Paula Deen Ventures has terminated their relationship with this Social Media Manager."

Well, if its any consolation, I'm not the only person who thinks the whole world has gone NUTS! -Ed.
  • I am a Black southern woman who absolutely adores Paula Deen.Always have.Her personality brings to mind that silly,fun-loving auntie everyone has.When the "RACIST Paula" scandal broke years ago I immediately called it b.s.Funny how the media forgot about the wife of a senator from Chicago who Paula had invited to her home,cooked and shared a meal with.It's pretty hard to get an image of First Lady Michelle Obama and Paula Deen in a kitchen out of your mind.Btw, Paula also announced her full support for Barack Obama for President that day as well.The media also forgot the"Who Do You Think You Are?" episode in which she burst into tears after being told her family owned slaves. She had believed for most of her life that her ancestors were abolitionists.Paula Deen is not a racist.She has continually been the victim of slow news days.And trust me,had I ever been robbed at gunpoint while working I would call the criminal despicable names too.As for this 'brownface"b.s.,I dressed up as Samara from "The Ring" for halloween and wore a pasty,pale,beige-y foundation. I'm more afraid of walking down the street with tea and Skittles in Florida than I am of Paula Deen This story is a sad attack and wasn't really worth reporting.
  • The author of the article writes, "Maybe Paula didn't mean all of those teary apologies? Or maybe she learns slower than a hog covered in molasses. This family..." - are you serious? Talk about a racist comment. That phrase is usually used, as a "racist" attack, on folks from the South. The author of this article doesn't care about presenting an unbiased story...he apparently doesn't like Paula Deen. I'm furious that media folks keep digging up garbage & making "mountains" out of nothing. Her son's have just launched a new show, on the Food Network, so the media are just waiting (like someone else commented) like vultures on a carcass, to attack. I'm sick of this!!

  •  The person who wrote this article re Paula Deen should get a life ,stop demonizing people. The pic was posted by someone else not her. Why should she apologize for something she did not do. It was a Halloween pic from 2011 for crying out loud. The Lucy show ran for many years, I don't remember anyone complaining about being offended when Dezi said" "you don es plain" I thought it was cute and funny. Seems like some people get their jollies by sitting around like vultures trying to destroy
  • The folks that are offended, need to get over it. Lucy and Desi used to make fun of one another all of the time. (I thought he was Desi, not Ricky) Anyway...If you cannot dress for Halloween or some other costume party as you like, this country is lost. Being polite to another is a good thing. However, all this PC stuff is a bunch of bull and "a reason" for folks hiding behind their computer and TV screens to bully those that don't fit their ever changing idea of PCness. Why has our society decided to jump on stupid stuff like this and not worry so much about the homeless, the sick, and those out of work? If all of this type of energy was put into helping those in need...Wow, What a positive impact it would make!!!
  • What is wrong with you people, the media? I am so sick of all this P/C crapola! This was nothing more than a harmless good time. Where I live we have a Spring celebration call Holiday in Dixie. When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I, and a bunch of my classmates, dressed in black-face, jeans and flannel shirts and rode in the parade sitting on cotton bales. Cotton is king in the South. Was there any ill intent meant? Absolutely not! Did we have a good time. Of course. Did anyone get offended? No! Wonder why? Because Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were no where to be seen. People lived and let live and got along. Certain people should try that today. Good luck, Paula.

  • I find it hard to believe the women on The Talk thought the post was racist and that Paula Dean was not going to have a comeback because of the post. Yet on the same show they thought that the new video Reanna had out which was full of violence, and the murder of a nude woman was o.k. for her. The next thing they will be trying to ban is white folks getting suntans. That post was not racist.


    If people were held accountable for Halloween costumes, more than half of us would be 'doing time' in the media's ridiculous PC jails. The vast majority of us are not upset by these fake scandals and harmless social media stupidity. We are instead infuriated by the troll tweet police, which are actually a couple dozen operatives working for Move On with algorithmic faux credibility that makes them appear to be thousands of outraged Americans. To fall for this constant barrage of thought police tactics is naivete at best.