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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The World's Problems Solved in One Easy Lesson!

O.K. folks, time for a bit a hubris as I solve most of the world's problems ......., again!

1. a. Turkey doesn't get into E.U. and Greece should be kicked out if they don't smarten up. b. Iran can't be trusted! *

2. Russia needs a severe policy shift and integration into the E.U. and NATO, which would give us a united front against all the bad guys in the world. This would be helped a lot by a drastic change in attitude from the West, (Yes kids, the West is not entirely blameless in this mess ......, just as we aren't so pure in our dealings with the Middle-East.) which brings us to:

3. Now that the U.S. is becoming more energy self-sufficient with the explosion [sic] of fracking and natural gas reserves, our need to rely on the Middle-East is diminishing, which means we should *isolate them (that's right boys and girls, the whole kit-and-kaboodle except for Israel) until they get their shit together! (Plus if Russian was brought into the European  fold, that would solve most of the E.U.'s energy problems.)

4. Speaking of the United States, they need to do two things:
a. Become a little bit more socialist like Canada and Europe instead of unbridled capitalism. (The influence of the top 1%.) This could be done most easily by
getting rid of all lobbyists in the country. That would go a long way towards solving the problems with big oil, big banks, big government, etc. (In other words the "Military Industrial Complex" that Eisenhower warned us about way back in the 50's!) and: b. Find a way to curb their gun mentality and culture!

There's lots more bunky, but let us just work on these for now!

Allan W Janssen  

(Wouldn't it be great if somebody actually paid attention to the "little" people like me!)


O.K. NOW, if you're wondering why I started out  picking on poor, little Greece, read on:

No wonder Greece is in such a TOTAL mess.

Please read to the end! !

Experts mandated by the European Union to investigate the causes that led Greece to the current economic situation relate the following facts:

Greece falsified its accounts to enter the euro zone and distorted the facts until it finally exploded. There were massive retirements at the age of 50 years.  At Evangelismos hospital there were 50 drivers for officials' cars, and on average there were 45 gardeners for a small lawn with 4 bushes.

Greece has the highest population in the world of people reporting an age of 110 years. The deaths are often not registered and pensions continue to be received. The European Union has found that there are families receiving 4-5 pensions, which they are not supposed to get. There are still pensions paid to persons who died in 1953, 50 years ago. 40,000 girls receive monthly life pensions of 1,000 euros for the simple fact that they are unmarried daughters of deceased civil servants and it costs the state coffers € 550 million euros per year. Now they will receive only up to the age of 18.

The pacemakers in Greek hospitals were acquired at a price 400 times  higher than in British hospitals. In Greece, many workers have benefited from early retirement, set at 50 years for women and 55 for men who belong to one of the 600 job categories identified as particularly painful, and among which are included hairdressers (because of dyes that may be considered harmful), the musicians of wind instruments (blowing into a flute is exhausting) or TV presenters (the microphones are supposed to cause damage to health). (This law was adopted by the Socialist government of 1978).

There are thousands of good "tricks" departments and unnecessary institutions, which many Greeks live off. For example the Institute for the Protection of Kopais Lake, a dry lake since 1930.

In the last decade, it has created over 300 new public companies. Tax evasion is massive, over 25% of Greeks do not pay a cent on personal income. In addition, the weight of the public sector on the economy is overwhelming. There are about one million officials to 4,000,000 active people. On Greek public railways the average salary of employees exceeds € 66.000.- per year. And this includes the cleaners and the low skilled. The (almost free) Athens Metro delivers about 90 million tickets a year, while the total cost of this public company exceeds 500 million.

The French retirees receive on average 51% of the last salary, the Germans 40%, North Americans 41% Japanese 34%. Meanwhile, Greek pensioners receive 96% of their earlier salary .

Greece has four times more teachers than Finland, the best educated country according to the last PISA report, while the student performance in Greece is the lowest among many European countries by comparison.