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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WTF #54

Folks, this story is weird on so many levels it's not even funny, just strange!

A suspicious item that prompted a Cincinnati courthouse evacuation turned out to be a perfume bottle shaped like a World War II grenade.
Image result for hand grenade shaped perfumeHamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil told reporters that the bottle was shaped like a "pineapple" hand grenade and was in a woman's suitcase.
The building was evacuated around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday and then closed for the rest of the day after a suspicious item was noted in a security screening.
Sheriff's official Jim Knapp said earlier that something "didn't look right" in the screening. A bomb-sniffing dog was brought over, and authorities evacuated the courthouse based on its response.
Neil says that he isn't sure what prompted the dog's response. He says no charges are expected

First of all, who would get a woman perfume that came in a hand grenade container, and second, why would you take something like that to court?


A Pennsylvania thoroughbred track has canceled its racing card again as officials deal with deer running onto the track during races. One deer ran onto the track at Presque Isle Downs & Casino on Sunday, cutting in front of the lead horse during the fourth race.

A track official said that during the race, six men, who obviously had too much to drink, tried to place bets on the deer!


Helium Leaking from Earth in Southern California:

A natural helium leak in Southern California reveals that the Newport-Inglewood fault is deeper than once thought — with a direct line from the Earth's surface to the planet's hot, dense mantle.
Scientists have found high levels of helium-3 in oil wells up to 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) deep in Orange County, along a 30-mile (48 kilometers) stretch from Los Angeles' Westside to Newport Beach. Helium-3 comes only from the Earth's mantle, the semisolid rock layer beneath the crust.
"The fault, which I don't think people had anticipated, was deeply connected," said Jim Boles, a professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

Scientists claim the Earth is slowly deflating, much like a balloon when ya let the air out of it!

Seems those poor slobs in Winnipeg just can't catch a break.

While the temperature hovers around 30 below in the winter, this time of year it regularly reaches 30+ ................, AND they get lots of  mosquitoes!

Winnipeg will swelter under Canada Day sun


While we're on the subject, Vancouver, the U.K. and the Indian sub-continent are experiencing record heat waves!

And here you thought there was no such thing as "Global Warming!" 

Image result for woman rage clipart A Women's cheeks get redder when they are menstruating, but this color change is so subtle that it is undetectable by males, a new study finds.
In the study, researchers in the United Kingdom took photographs of 22 women every weekday over the course of one month. After analyzing the photos, the researchers concluded that the women's faces got redder around the time they menstruated.  (Scientists contribute this suspicion to the fact that women have a lot of bottled up rage during this time!)


A new analysis of music from diverse cultures around the globe reveals that regardless of whether it's hip-hop or classical or alternative rock, all music shares certain universal features, such as having a simple beat. And these characteristics tend to be those that bring people together, the researchers said.
"Our findings help explain why humans make music," study researcher Thomas Currie from the University of Exeter said in a statement. "The results show that the most common features seen in music around the world relate to things that allow people to coordinate their actions, and suggest that the main function of music is to bring people together and bond social groups — it can be a kind of social glue."