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Monday, 3 August 2015

Butterfly Kisses and Sexual Equality!

Just an idea for things to talk about at the next party you attend ..., things like "sexual equality!"

You've heard of the term "Butterfly Kisses?" Well there's not a lot of kissing going on when butterflies mate, but there is a fair amount of dancing and fluttering involved.


The really weird part is that who does the "courting" depends on the season!

In their mating dance, the butterfly has two seasonal forms — some butterflies emerge in the dry season, while others emerge in the wet season. "One is the offspring of the other," Monteiro said.
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A wet season male will chase a female around and try to position himself next to her on a leaf or other substrate. He will then "dance" by creating small wing-flapping movements that progressively get larger, flashing his wings in front of the female's eyes and spreading pheromones on to her antennas. The female will then decide to mate with the male or fly away.
During the dry season, these roles are reversed. Males become the choosy sex, and females actively try to court males using the same dance moves as the wet season males.