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Monday, August 24, 2015

Duffy gets his oats!

Dear Readers: Your humble reporter sent this letter to the London Free Press today!

"Let's Get Things Back Into Perspective Here!" (God I love that phrase.)

At first I thought this whole Mike Duffy thing was going to be like a Gilbert and Sullivan's play "The Pirates of Penzance!"

You know, skulduggery, looting, nefarious deeds, and all sorts of intrigue and mayhem to satisfy our thirst for drama!

Instead we find out that "The Duff" was backed into a corner to take the money, instead of attempting to blackmail someone in the PMO like the Prosecution in his trial claimed.

THEN, we find out that what Duffy did as far as his residence in P.E.I. was concerned, was sort of on the up and up as well ....! He was told to do that by Harper himself, and all the expenses he claimed were no more or less than everybody else was doing in the Senate. (Yes it was morally wrong ...., even though the expense rules were deliberately vague, but that's not a legal matter bunky, just a question of judgement!)


After all is said and done, what we have here is about the same as that Benghazi scandal down in the States! (And what's that you ask?)

How about Shakespeare's "Much ado about nothing!"