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Saturday, 29 August 2015

It's those damned Jews again eh!

Folks, what we have here is a problem to communicate. (With apologies to the makers of the movie "Cool Hand Luke!")

Some left wing radical asshole tried to twist a video of George Carlin doing a riff on words ....., to make it seem like he was denouncing Israel and exposing Jewish terrorism.

That's right, whoever it was, (Probably some far left politically correct jerk in a University, since they are the one's claiming Israel is the bad guy in the Middle-East!) took this ten minute clip and called it: "How language is used to mask truth and Israeli terrorism!"

Yes, going by the title, it is obviously a ten minute rant about how Israel is committing war crimes against the Palestinians and then using spin doctors to try and cover it up!

So ....., listen to the bit and mark down all the things he says about genocide and war crimes committed by the Jews!

Oh wait, he didn't really say anything at all about the Jews did he!  (He just casually mentioned that here in the West we call Israelis 'freedom fighters' and the Arabs 'terrorists," while the rest of the video had nothing to do with this subject at all!!!!!!)


Why was this video called a rant about 'Israeli Terrorism?'

Could whoever posted this U-tube clip have a left wing radical agenda against Israel that they wanted to spread by any means possible?

Were they manufacturing an issue based on a lie?

It sure seems like it!