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Friday, 14 August 2015

Lost in the shuffle!

When the United states closed their Embassy in Cuba back in 1961 there were three marines who took part in the ceremonies to lower the U.S. flag and shut down the building!

It now seems that these three guys were somehow lost in the shuffle of getting everyone and everything out of Cuba back then, so when they started to open up the Embassy again this week there were the same three guys were still hanging around GUARDING THE BUILDING ...., so the new staff put them to work hoisting the flag they took down all those years ago!

We have this report from the Perspective Research Department:

The three retired Marines who last lowered the flag in 1961 took part in Friday's ceremony, handing a new flag to the Marine Color Guard. As the flag was raised, there were loud cheers and applause from the crowd of U.S. and Cuban dignitaries and longtime proponents of U.S.-Cuban engagement, and from people watching from neighboring balconies. 


Talk about getting lost in the shuffle: China's air pollution is a lot worse than anybody realized kids ..........., for two days now the Chinese  mainland has been lost after it disappeared in a  blanket of smog, fog and smoke.

Search and rescue parties have been sent out, but so far nobody has been able to find any trace of it!


Another cop story:

Details are still sketchy but some altercation occurred in a wooded area on the east end of Vancouver that left six cops injured and one man dead!

Whatever it was, the guy must have put up one hell of a fight!


Former Ontario Premier David Peterson, who is ......, who is ......, well, let's face it , kids ....., he's old  ....., is being sued by a twenty something woman that worked for him!
Image result for dirty old man hugging young woman clipart

Apparently she's suing him for sexual harassment because he hugged her!

That's it folks ......., I'm not passing judgement one way or the other .....,  I'm just here to report this stuff bunky! (Although regular readers of this blog will know what I'm thinking!)



Is Donald Trump the next Ronald Reagan?  There are obvious parallels. In the 1980 primaries, Ronald Reagan was not the candidate of the establishment insiders. In Campaign 2016, Donald Trump isn’t, either. The latter is an actor, but he’s also a reactor.
Many of The Donald’s supporters insist that he is. The comparison is flattering to their guy, of course: Mr. Reagan was a two-term president and giant of the Republican Party. Juxtaposing the two is a way of portraying Mr. Trump as serious, as opposed to a rich guy starring in a reality show of his own devising.
And there are obvious parallels. Reagan was an actor. So is Trump, given his television experience. Reagan began his political career as a liberal. So did Trump: He’s given lots of money to Democrats in the past.
In the 1980 primaries, Reagan was not the candidate of the establishment insiders. In this go-round, Trump isn’t either, to put it mildly. They’ve even got marital status in common. Reagan was the first divorced president, points out the right-leaning Newsmax site in its list of Gipper/Donald similarities. Trump’s been divorced twice.
Trump himself brings up the Reagan thing to try to deflect questions about whether he can actually, you know, win.
“He was a Democrat with a liberal bent, and he became a great conservative ... a great president, a great leader.... He had a great heart, and I have a great heart,” Trump told Sean Hannity on Fox News earlier this week.
Well, every Republican hopeful has to evoke Reagan at some point, we suppose. They’re all still standing in his shadow. The era of the Bushes is a difficult one for the candidates to handle, even for an actual Bush, Jeb. Reagan is safer. He’s a symbol of GOP triumph. He remains a hero to just about every faction in the party.