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Friday, August 7, 2015

N.B. 'pig scramble' has animal rights group squealing

The way I see it, they had one of those 'fall fairs' in New Brunswick and one of the attractions had Pam Anderson squealing like a pig.[sic] (No pun intended!) Staff:
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The annual pig scramble at the Westmorland County Fair, held each August in Petitcodiac, N.B., invites 12 local kids to enter a dusty pen to chase, wrestle and pin down a wriggling piglet. Once captured, the prized pigs are either given to the children or sold back to fair organizers.
"It’s one of the most popular events there is at the Westmorland County Fair," the fair’s president, Phillip MacLeod, told CTV Moncton’s Jonathan McInnis.
But some animal rights advocates beg to differ.
Image result for pig WRESTLING clipart "[The piglets] are freaking out. They are scared to death of what’s happening with them," said Rita Bihr, a representative from Stop Animal Cruelty New Brunswick. "These parents are not giving the right example to their children … They should have respect for all living creatures."
The New Brunswick SPCA recently got involved and asked the fair to stop encouraging children to use bags to capture the two-month-old piglets. The fair complied.
Still, the executive director of the New Brunswick SPCA says the tradition should be scrapped altogether.
"Pig scrambles by now are something that should have gone into the past. We’ve really evolved beyond chasing around an animal simply for entertainment purposes," Hilary Howes told CTV Moncton.
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The fair defends the pig scramble, which is set to take place Friday, saying complaints typically come from outside the province.
"A lot of our complaints come from overseas and all the foreign countries to me that really don’t know what’s going on," MacLeod said.
The Petitcodiac fair is the only place left in the province still hosting a pig scramble. The porcine tradition was temporarily axed for a few years, but was reintroduced in 2014.
A similar debate has arisen in Ste-Perpetue, Quebec, where a rural contest invites contestants to chase down greased-up pigs and toss them in barrels. (This is where the term 'pork barrel' comes from. -Ed.)


From the files of Gawker we have a story of the continuing adventures of John McAfee, inventor, digital guru, entrepreneur and general crazy person:

John McAfee, an entrepreneur once associated with antivirus software and now associated with drugs and tropical murder accusations, is back in the news for illicit reasons. Police in his new home of Tennessee just busted McAfee for DUI and gun possession.

According to The Jackson Sun, McAfee was “arrested Sunday night by Tennessee Highway Patrol in Henderson County,” and “charged with driving under the influence and possession of a handgun while intoxicated.” But because John McAfee is a volatile man, he took to Facebook to elaborate on the incident as only John McAfee can do (unhinged, inadvisably):
I just got a new prescription for Xanax and one pill felt good. Two seemed better. The shootout was nothing remarkable. No-one was hit.
Yes, I was arrested while under the influence of Xanax. It was a brand new prescription received the same day of the arrest (see photo) and the physician neglected to warn me about driving while taking it.
As to the weapons, I always carry them and, unless one is impaired, they are legal to possess and carry.
The shootout with the police was highly exaggerated and in fact no one was even hit by a bullet, let alone harmed by one. The Police knew me and I don’t believe their hearts were truly in the shootout, as it is not included in the official report. When I ran out of ammunition, I surrendered quietly and the officers and my self had a cigarette together and joked about my bad aim.
If there are any other questions I would suggest you call the arresting officer, I believe his name was James at 731 602 0394.

He continued, unprompted:
Lest anyone think I acted irresponsibly, here’s how it went down:
The day of my arrest I obtained a prescription for Xanax. People are trying to kill me and while most people might sail through such a situation unperturbed, I myself at time’s feel stessed. The Doctor said Xanax would calm me down. Unfortunately. It calmed me down too much.
The Police acted responsibly, politely and with restraint. At the sound of gunshots I naturally assumed that my ex wife had caught up with me and returned fire. Who wouldn’t. The only casualty was a 50 mph speed limit sign that0 intervened between myself and my presumed ex wife. I can’t shoot for shit on Xanax.
 John McAfee Arrested While Armed and High as Hell on Xanax

It seems likely he’s joking about the shootout, but given the look of that mugshot up top, the Xanax bit is plausible. McAfee is still facing a wrongful death lawsuit for the 2006 killing of a neighbor in Belize.


Well kids, it seemed most Canadians watched the debate last night!


Donald Trump unofficially continued his first U.S. Republican presidential debate last night on social media, taking to Twitter to criticize one of the moderators and attack others who felt his performance fell short.
Trump, who was joined by nine other candidates at the debate Thursday evening, faced tough questions about his past disparaging comments about women and being the sole candidate to refuse to pledge his support to the eventual party nominee.
After the debate, Trump had some less-than-kind words for one of the debate's hosts, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.
During the debate, Trump had already taken issue with Kelly's treatment of him. Following a question about past disparaging remarks about women, he said, "Honestly, Megyn, if you don't like it, I'm sorry. I've been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be based on the way you have treated me."
After posting tweets directed at Kelly, Trump focused on retweeting some of his supporters who were also critical of the host.

": Out to get you with baited questions. She was angry at you. Very hostile and unprofessional"

Kelly has not yet responded to Trump's statements on Twitter.

Calls pollster 'a low class slob'

Trump also had harsh words for Frank Luntz, a pollster and the founder of Luntz Global, which runs focus groups.​
Luntz was holding a focus group during the debate and tweeting about how Trump's performance influenced people's perception of him.
Trump did not take kindly to Luntz's criticism and accused him of picking people for his focus group that were anti-Trump.

From Trump:
, your so-called "focus groups" are a total joke. Don't come to my office looking for business again. You are a clown!
Luntz took the allegations in stride, tweeting out a link for people to sign up for his focus groups if they want to "set them straight."